Is the Key to Closing the Achievement Gap Found In… Nebraska?

Jennifer Berkshire (EduShyster) talks to Education Cities’ Ethan Gray about the new Education Equality Index, and challenges him to accompany her to the #1 gap-closing city in the USA: Omaha, Nebraska. (Spoiler alert: he accepts!)

Who Was This Year’s Best Oscar-Nominated Dad: Christian Bale or Bruce Dern?

The 2014 Academy voters appear to be fans of the incredibly flawed fathers of “American Hustle” and “Nebraska.”

Federal Judges Block Anti-Immigrant South Carolina Law

This latest ruling means the three South Carolina provisions will remain temporarily blocked until the court holds a full trial on the statute

Remembering Tom Osborne

J.R. Reed looks at a coaching legend and the memories he shared with his dad.  My first memories of football are of watching Nebraska in the 1970’s. My parents were both raised in the Cornhusker state and I, along with my younger brother, was born there before moving to California in 1969. These thoughts are […]

The Secret to a Long Marriage: Matching Outfits

They’ve been married more than 45 years… And wearing matching outfits since the mid-70s. Awesome.

Seven Days of Memories: His Soundtrack

The son of Major FM Tinseth remembers his father and the music that brings him to life in his memory.

Army Surplus

John Tinseth can’t walk through the Army Navy Surplus Store without thinking of the guys he knew in the Army.

Why I Believe in Santa

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you see, Jim Higley writes, it just matters what you believe.

Pac-10? More like Pac-16

Report: Nebraska’s decision to join Big Ten leads to domino effect and a huge Pac-10 conference.