The Shamefull Presidency of Ronald Reagan: When They Thought AIDS Was Funny

A new short video demonstrates what a travesty the Reagan Administration was in terms of dealing with the AIDS Crisis. As victims died — they laughed.

5 Reasons Why She Won’t Sleep With You Anymore

Mike Berry knows why you’re not getting it on any more—and what you can do about it.

5 Reasons Why Feminism Needs to Address Child Abuse (While Yes, Recognizing That Women Can Be Abusive Too)

When it comes to addressing domestic abuse and working to eradicate it, feminism has played a critical role. But we need to see the abuse of children for what it is, regardless of the abuser’s gender.

Love Is Not a Defense for Abuse

MaleSurvivor Executive Director Christopher Anderson reminds us that love does not guarantee that parents will keep their children safe.

Phil Mushnick Pushes Every Button but the Right One

Adrian Peterson played on Sunday just hours after his 2-year-old son was murdered. Phil Mushnick thinks it’s because he’s an uncaring criminal. Phil Mushnick should mind his own business.

An Open Letter to Wives About Your Children…From Your Husband

As your husband, I get why you want to spend so much time with our kids. But can’t you spend time with me, too?

Can You Unintentionally Commit Child Abuse?

After a tumultuous childhood filled with abuse and neglect, Nathan C. Daniels reflects on how some of the pain he experienced may not have been inflicted intentionally.

Why Do We Live With Lies in Marriage?

We’re fixated on infidelity, even entertained by it. But there are worse breaches of trust, unglamorous difficulties that stress and end marriages, problems our society tends to very badly.

The Violence of Homelessness: A Young Male Survivor’s Story [Trigger warning]

W.R.R. escaped his father’s child sex ring only to endure the horrors of homelessness: illness, starvation, and yet more sexual violence. How does this survivor find meaning in his life today?

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Some Thoughts on Forgiveness

When it is possible at all, forgiveness is an ongoing, sacred process.

Don’t Give Up Your Life

If your family will not be kind to you this holiday season, please: be kind to yourself.

He Who Laughs Last: Ending the Cycle of Male Abuse

For comedian Billy Batz, Male Abuse Awareness Week is personal.

A Neighborhood Boy with No Parents Around

Would you help a neighbor in need?