How to be a Better Negotiator and Still Sleep Soundly at Night

Business Negotiation

Dixie Gillaspie teams up with best-selling author, Bob Burg, to examine the truth behind what it takes to be a better negotiator – regardless of your gender.

All Men Are Liars and Other Myths About Men Being Better Negotiators

Not All Men Are Liars

Dixie Gillaspie dissects the false assumptions behind the idea that men are better negotiators, and why.

5 Mistakes Men Make in Relationships

5 Mistakes Men Make in Relationships, Men, Relationships, Relationships Mistakes

Jackson Bliss explains why these five relationship mistakes can be lethal.

This Is Rage 8: If There Were Rules Who Would Listen?


Kimo Balthazer’s internet radio show, This Is Rage, has two very special guests on air today — Ben and Jerry, the two kidnappers trying to negotiate the deal of a lifetime.

Buckle Up: Sex, Blackmail and Game Theory

safety first

John Edale explains how to get what you want, by limiting your own options.

Baby, I Won’t Tolerate It!


A marriage is threatened by photos of Mike Tyson, episodes of Gossip Girl.

“If men and women could see the sex drive as similar to the hunger drive, perhaps we’d not be so hard on each other.”

image from periodpaper

the ones who aren’t hungry would never say to the spouse, “You can’t eat, I”m not hungry, I won’t cook for you, I won’t dine out with you.” Comment by Julie Gillis on Men and their Inner Goat.

On Good Consent, Part One

Personally, I use “good consent” rather than “enthusiastic consent.” Enthusiastic consent is a problematic term. Lots of people consent to sex without enthusiasm for the sex itself: sex workers, people who enjoy pleasing their partners even when they don’t desire sex, even people who are trying to conceive a child and have sex when one […]

Guestpost #59: Jessica Mican – Ten things I've learned from teaching nursery after-school

Bio: Jessica is a temp, a baker, and a nerd. She is still trying to find her way in this world; teaching was just one step in the journey, one that she loved but discovered she is not cut out for.  25 years and she is still trying to figure it all out. She blogs, […]

I’m Sorry I’m a Teacher

I'm sorry I'm a teacher

Alan Haskvitz, a teacher for 45 years, honestly didn’t mean to place so many states in danger of going bankrupt. He just wanted a secure retirement plan.