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Knock Knock. Who Is it? Freedom

It can be hard, but the best thing we can do in the face of terrorism is stand strong and continue to enjoy our life and freedoms.

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“Just Wave and Watch the Smile Follow”

Strangers? Wave Anyway

How Heroes Are Made: Washington Heights Fire Dramatic Rescue [Video]

Four stories up, a man’s life hangs in balance as he perches precariously on a window ledge while smoke billows outward. Two neighbors try desperately to help him before firefighters arrive. The video tells all.

Who Are You to Judge: Let Yourself Off the Hook.

Neill O’Farrell believes we should take the simple phrase “who am I to judge” and use it as a mantra for better living.

The Neighbor

“She looks into my living room as if to glimpse someone behind me. No one should be there.” By Jimin Han

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I Am a Writing Desk

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