Teaching Young Men In the Age of Trump

In the name of optimism, let’s see Donald Trump’s media presence as an opportunity to discuss the real meaning of “winning.”

Men, Are You Afraid? You Absolutely Should Be.

Author Jay Cradeur shares the secret to transforming fear of fear to the powerful impact of embracing fear as your teacher.

Lessons Learned From Dockworkers Who Helped Bring Apartheid to its Knees

South African Dockworkers exerted real influence on the state by refusing to unload cargo. In a testament to the power of the few, their actions helped drive the local and national anti-apartheid movement.

Mandela’s Belief that Education Can Change the World Is Still a Dream

Two years after Nelson Mandela’s death, the challenge remains to use education to change South Africa and the rest of the world.

How Unconscious Racism Kills

An Integrative Psychiatrist on how we create racism, how our brains work on racism, and how we can train our brains to break the cycle.

Now, More Than Ever, Our Children Need a Village

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”-Nelson Mandela

How To Be a Leader From Within

Jose Aviles is working on building the leaders of tomorrow, starting with focusing on others.

Rookie Racist: How Did My 6-year-old Boy Become Scared of the “Dark Man” in the Laundromat?

Australian father Ryan Heffernan opens up about the breathtaking day his young son expressed racism and how a vision of Nelson Mandela stealing TVs saved the day.

Beyond Recess: When Disability Plays a Role in the Decline of Education for Students in the US

Erin Kelly, a writer with cerebral palsy, reflects on her experience as a disabled student, and the striking increase of young people who aren’t getting the education they deserve.

Son Aims to Fill Father’s Grammy-Award Winning Shoes

Thamsanqa Shabalala is bravely becoming the face of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, a renowned South African a cappella singing group.

Psychology and the Chance of Bringing Peace to Syria

With 100,000 people killed and 10 million displaced, is there hope for peace in Syria? Yes. But only if we can overcome the self-defeating psychology of revenge.

The Top Google Searches of 2013 (And What We Didn’t Search, But Perhaps Should Have)

Michael Stusser looks at what our searches say about us.

A Case Against LGBT Violence

This South African Archbishop makes a compelling case for standing up against LGBT violence.

Funeral Outrage

Conservative outrage over President Obama’s behavior at Nelson Mandela’s funeral reflects an old and ugly trend.

You Can’t Depoliticize Nelson Mandela

It’s okay to talk about Nelson Mandela’s politics, because you can’t really understand his life and times without discussing them.

In Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Vuyisile Colossa will remember his match against Caros Fodor at One FC 13 “Moment of Truth” for much more than a simple victory.