One Step Closer to World Domination, or How to Not Sell Your Book to Anyone

nepal chronicles

Dan Szczesny tells the story of his book selling attempts.

The Quality a Man Needs Most


Ryan Chin knows first hand how laughter and being able to laugh at yourself makes life richer

The Disposability of Boys


The UN’s recent reports on the treatment of children in Syria and in the Roman Catholic Church revealed some of the despicable acts committed against boys that are part of a disturbing and hidden global trend.

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Why We Should Always Speak Our Truths

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Movement maverick Wolfgang Brolley shares the lessons he learned from his spiritual pilgrimage.

Dead Men Can’t Cheer


The 2022 World Cup dead body count begins.

Oregon Teenager Becomes First Person With Down Syndrome To Climb Mt. Everest (VIDEO)


Justin Reimer said, “Eli’s life and the lives of those with disability have infinite worth and they can do great things.”

AFP: Asia’s Gay Rights Activists Plan UN Strategy

asia gay rights

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activists from across Asia gathered in Nepal this weekend to plan strategies for overcoming problems in the region, including religion and culture.

Tim Medvetz and The Heroes Project

tim medvetz (588x360)

Their mission is to “improve the care and protection of heroes through individual support, community empowerment and systemic change.”

Himalayan Song


As different as people and traditions are around the world, sometimes it’s the similarities that sneak up on us and surprise us the most.

The First Step I Took as a Man

photo by soschilds

A batch of psychedelic mushrooms and a lazy canoe ride helped Michael Carpenter realize he was a man.