Confessions of a Former Football Nerd

Can sports fans be nerdy—in that good nerdy way? Matt Rozsa thinks so.

The Roots of Nerd Rage, Part 1

From “fake geek girls” to Gamergate, a certain demographic seems constantly, causelessly angry. But are you sure it’s the demographic you think it is?

Tweets of the Day: Nerds, Kids, and Kisses

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Smart Is Sexy: 7 Reasons it’s to Your Benefit to Date a Nerdy Girl

Times have changed. Society has progressed. Instead of drooling over the T-Birds or the Pink Ladies from “Grease,” we’re mesmerized by Jessica Day, aka “New Girl.”

Judging Jeopardy – How I Learned to Love an Aggressive Nerd Named Arthur Chu

How a Jeopardy champ went from being a despised, overly-aggressive nerd, to a White Knight in the #YesAllWomen conversation – Lauren Conaway’s apology to Arthur Chu and good men everywhere.

What’s The Nerdiest Thing You’ve Ever Done as a Husband or Father?

Tom Burns knows what his geekiest moment as an adult was and he wants to know yours too

Hail Beavis, Hail Butt-head: Reflections on my Nerdy Youth

A grown-up N.C. Harrison reflects on his nerdy boyhood.

My Five Favorite Film Trailers!

Simms Jr. geeks out, and shares with you his favorite movie previews. Yes. Nerd Alert.

Breaking the Stereotype That Reading isn’t Manly

Nicolas Gremion asserts that if we could make the culinary arts cool for men, then we can make reading cool, too.

Poker? I Don’t Even Know Her! (And other horrible, rejected titles for my chat with STRAIGHT FLUSH author, Ben Mezrich).

Mark St. Amant talks to Ben Mezrich about fame, manhood, kids, STRAIGHT FLUSH, and waking up under a pile of hookers in a Dubai hotel (or not).

“People throw around ‘nerd’ like it’s a new subculture, but I am happy kids whose lives would have been terrible before are doing well now.”

Brendan says that when he was asked about Star Trek trivia about the new movie, that he had been preparing for that moment his whole life.

An Open Letter to My Son, Who Yesterday Was Called a ‘Nerd’

Even when the world is dark, and people are picking on you for wearing glasses, Mom and Dad are here and we’d take a bullet to spare you pain.

Video: Nerdy PSA Asks You to Stop Pretending to Be a Nerd

Portlandia’s PSA features a real nerd talking about the re-appropriation of the term “nerd”.

5 Rules for Achieving True Nerd-dom

Sam Sattin grew up among the snorting ranks. The latex-allergied and the comically stuttered. And now he wonders whatever happened to all the REAL nerds?

How Do You Know When It’s Love?

Doctor NerdLove explores the reasons why so many guys get confused about what it means to be in love.

How Revenge Of The Nerds Ruined My Life

If you think your only two choices are to be a nerd or a jock, writes Noah Brand, you are doomed from the start.