An Interview with the ‘Voltron Legendary Defender’ Cast

The cast of Voltron Legendary Defender was at this years Wondercon and Jay Snook was able to ask them some questions The cast of Voltron Legendary Defender was at this years Wondercon and gave a ton of information about this new series. There was a packed panel where fans of all ages were able to […]

I’m Sorry, Henry: Men, Nature, and the Awful, Rotten World We’ve Created

Men have destroyed the Earth beyond repair—but at least we have Smartphones.

John Stamos Wins April Fool’s Day for Netflix—and You

John Stamos wins the day. Or did he?

GMP’s Exclusive Interview with the Producers Behind Dreamworks’ DINOTRUX

The entertainment veterans on the journey from book to animated series, how it’s different than most kids’ shows, and why it’s not just boys who love it.

The 8 Stages of Becoming a Human Being

Sean Swaby has found that life is hard. It just is. But waking up is more fun than dreaming.

‘Fuller House’ A Spin-off Not All Fans Will Like

This Spin-Off had a rough start but as it progressed it slowly got better — Growing up there were a few shows that I loved watching every week and Full House was one of those shows. From the lovable characters, the heartfelt moments and the lessons learned each week this was a clever show that […]

Pee-wee Is Back. And Not a Moment Too Soon.

We need a “Can’t we all just get along” moment. Thankfully, Pee-Wee Herman is back to deliver it.

The Tanner Clan is All Grown Up in this ‘Fuller House’ Trailer

This new show focuses on DJ after a terrible tragedy happens and how her family helps her get through it It has been over 2o years since Full House ended and many fans are eager to see what is new with the Tanner clan. Well soon they will have their answer. Fuller House will take viewers back […]

Could Online Slacktivists Actually Help Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery?

It’s time we started talking about how social media can actually make a difference in issues that matter.

Netflix and the Demise of True Romance

Sharing a Netflix movie doesn’t have to be the highlight of your romantic evenings together. Here’s a way to keep the fires of intimacy burning ever brighter as your relationship matures…

What Some Girls Think of ‘Netflix and Chill’

One young woman explains that it’s not what you think.

The Hottest Thing You Won’t See on Netflix

“Maybe the director thought it would bore an audience to see a man massaging a woman’s feet for a few minutes before stroking her ankles…”

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Review

Alex Yarde binges on Marvel’s Jessica Jones and is hungry for more!

Male Role Models: What I Learned From Hawkeye

Number 3 — Save your salutes for the very few people that actually deserve them.

Check out this ‘Ridiculous 6’ Trailer

A unlikely group of bad guys come together when they make a shocking discovery Netflix is becoming a popular service with a ton of exclusive content. They have made it big with Daredevil and have a few other shows that are coming soon that sound like they could be amazing. Their next step is making […]

Dads! Netflix Just Granted Parental Leave and Why You Need To Get Behind This!

The Netflix employee benefit that just may get us talking.