Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Review

Alex Yarde binges on Marvel’s Jessica Jones and is hungry for more!

Male Role Models: What I Learned From Hawkeye

Number 3 — Save your salutes for the very few people that actually deserve them.

Check out this ‘Ridiculous 6’ Trailer

A unlikely group of bad guys come together when they make a shocking discovery Netflix is becoming a popular service with a ton of exclusive content. They have made it big with Daredevil and have a few other shows that are coming soon that sound like they could be amazing. Their next step is making […]

Dads! Netflix Just Granted Parental Leave and Why You Need To Get Behind This!

The Netflix employee benefit that just may get us talking.

Who Doesn’t Want Unlimited Maternity and Paternity Leave?

United States, follow Netflix and Norway. Prove you value family and mandate parental leave.

Sense8: A Sign Of The Changing Times

Not for Everyone, the show definitely seizes upon the changing attitudes of society.

Robert Redford: An Actor’s Evolution

Robert Redford is one of our most treasured actors, and while we often focus on some of his bigger moments, his lesser known films can give us a glimpse into the evolution of a great actor.

‘Blue Ruin’ Makes a Comeback in Rental

James Holcomb reviews a missed gem in cinema.

The Best Superhero Movie, You May Not Have Seen

If you haven’t seen ‘Unbreakable’ you are missing a Superhero Gem. Not to worry, you can still catch Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson on Blue-Ray and Netflix.

In The Name of.. Netflix. What Not to Watch, This Summer.

‘Guy Movies’ abound on Netflix this summer. James Holcomb reviews one Trilogy that isn’t worth the flix-a-thon.

This is Your Problem: You’d Rather Be Comfortable Than In Love

What you already know could change your life… but it probably won’t, because you like being comfortable too much.

Grace and Frankie Take On Loneliness and Sexual Identity Crisis

The new Netflix comedy “Grace and Frankie” is ostensibly a show about the coming out of two septuagenerian men (played by Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston) and the fallout of their divorces from their wives (Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin). Yes, a sexual identity crisis triggers the show, and an animated wedding cake opens the show as if it will be a dramedy farce; but the meat of the story is really about how two women come to terms with loneliness and betrayal in their old age. It is challenging, often hilarious, and incredibly bold.

Money Isn’t Power: 7 Life Lessons Learned From ‘House Of Cards’

“It’s a show immersed in lies, deception, sex, power, manipulation and greed, but dive a little deeper and you will start to realize the ways this show can help improve your life.”

‘Daredevil’ Finds New Fans As a Netflix Series

The World needs more Superheroes with handicaps. James Holcomb reviews the newest adaptation of Marvel’s ‘Daredevil.’

Learn How to Be a Good Man from House of Cards Villain Frank Underwood

The lessons on success we can learn from House of Cards are anything but fiction, and they don’t require being a villain.

Frank Underwood is Bisexual. What’s So ‘Ambiguous’ About That?

Kevin Spacey’s character on ‘House of Cards’ likes to have sex with both men and women. So why are people afraid to call him bisexual?