Comment of the Day: “Relationships have to work in the everyday for me if they are to last.”


Relationships evolve. Sometimes less really is more.

Netflix and the Demise of True Romance

Netflix Romance

Sharing a Netflix movie doesn’t have to be the highlight of your romantic evenings together. Here’s a way to keep the romantic fires burning ever brighter as your relationships matures…

Sociopaths Are The New Narcissists: A Look At Two Disorders


Dame Yankee diagnoses the characters of Orange is the New Black, and makes some interesting points along the way.

As a Young Man, Do You Spend More Time Creating or Consuming?


There is risk in spending too much time consuming others’ works and missing out on the creation of something which advances our life or the world of those around us.

How Can You Protect Your Children from Commercials?

How Can I Protect My Children from Commercials?

Dr. Deborah Gilboa suggests strategies for how parents can talk to their kids about the unrealistic and often inappropriate messages that can be found in modern commercials.

Dexter Finale = Crime & Punishment or Just Bad Writing?


Tsach Gilboa explores humanity’s “dark passenger” through the lens of the Dexter series finale.

The Conspiracy Theorists Among Us


Shows like Scandal and House of Cards make for interesting entertainment, but they tell us little about how politics actually works.

How Watching TV can be Good for a Man’s Soul

man watching tv

Tsach Gilboa discovers that indulging a gloomy mood with cathartic television can have a surprisingly good outcome.

“Marriage is an Insane Proposal”

Aziz Ansari, marriage video, comedy

Aziz Ansari explains how weird marriage really is, if you think about it… (video)

I Don’t Want to Keep Up With The Kardashians

Old TV

Alex Yarde remembers sitting down as a family to watch TV together, and thinks about the ways in which entertainment has changed over the years – for better and for worse.

“Orange is the New Black” Ventures into Privileged Territory


Netflix’s new prison dramedy tackles race relations, sexism and America’s dubious promise of social mobility.

Guestpost #92: Shaun Chatman – Ten Things I’ve Learned About How Too Much Technology Can Complicate Our Lives


Technology is supposed to make life easier, and in some ways it certainly has done that. Here are 10 things guestblogger Shaun Chatman has learned about how too much technology can complicate our lives.

Ignore the Movies: ‘Romantic’ Gestures Are Creepy


Contrary to what the movies say, women don’t want romance—at least not straight away.

Italian Romance Films to Stream on Netflix


Grab a friend or cozy up with a significant other and catch these Italian romance flicks!

Guestpost #86: Roxanne Porter – Ten Things I’ve Learned From Netflix

Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 8.25.30 AM

Guestposter Roxanne Porter shares what she has learned from Netflix

Arrested Development is Coming Back to TV

Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 1.07.21 PM

Arrested Development returns! Netflix confirms that it will be reviving Season 4 of the best show Fox ever cancelled.