Can The Republicans Do Anything To Stop Trump?

If the Republican Party wants to stop Donald Trump, they have about three weeks to do it.

A Kinder, Modernized Second Amendment

Are threats and intimidation the M.O. of gun rights activists? Chris Hicke delves into one of the more divisive topics facing our nation today.

Marriage Equality Just Got a Little More Complicated

In just a few days, six new lawsuits regarding marriage equality have popped up around the country.  — Six new lawsuits, really? Really, gay and lesbian couples? Is this really the way you want to be doing things? In the span of just a few days, six new lawsuits have popped up around the country. […]

Nevada Conservatives to Ninth Circuit: Marriage Equality is Just Like White Supremacy

The conservative group defending Nevada’s ban on same-sex marriage is concerned that same-sex couples want to redefine the institution just like white supremacists did.

I Can’t Promise To Obey

A young couple elopes in Reno, 1974. Some things just won’t ever change, yet some promises can be kept.

Nevada Senator Comes Out During Gay Marriage Vote

Nevada is now one step closer to repealing the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Watching Him Go

Edwin Lyngar considers the “flaky” upbringing his oldest child had, with him for a single father.

I Get Mocked for Being Fat, But It’s What Guys Do

Edwin Lyngar wonders why is it OK for men to poke fun of each other’s physical flaws?

You’re Going to Vegas?

Why a 22-year-old who doesn’t drink, smoke, or gamble would choose life in Sin City.

A Good Man Sings the Blue at a Brothel (Not Once But Twice)

The Mustang Ranch liked Todd and the boys’ video so much they asked him back.

Culture: New Alien & Sci-Fi Themed Brothel Lets Everyone Get Their Captain Kirk On [@kasadullah]

You’re not paying for alien sex; you’re paying for the alien to leave …

Late in the Season

Mark Ellis takes his children on a trip to the past.