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It was the first time I could prove to myself that I am somehow worthy of such a wonderful gift.

Stupid New Parents – Part 2

As about-to-be parents, Matthew Osgood reveals more about how he and his wife had a day of their life sucked away.

Stupid New Parents – Part 1

As about-to-be parents, Matthew Osgood reveals how he and his wife had a day of their life sucked away.

Black Dad Interrupted

As a first time father of a male of color, Brandon Greene wonders if he feels as or more powerless than his mother and grandfather felt in his ability to protect his son.

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Use your networking skills to find and offer support with other fathers.

Fathering to Heal

There is no way I can understand who I am as a father without understanding who I am as a son.

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Tell her everything now, while she’s listening.

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Carving out time to take care of yourself is essential to maintaining energy through the first weeks of new fatherhood. Justin Cascio talks to Jon Finkel, a former columnist for GQ and Muscle & Fitness, about his new book, The Dadvantage.

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Tender, surprising, and brimming with love: these are images of real fatherhood.

In the Maternity Ward: A Poem

The emotions a new father feels, holding his newborn son, are hilarious, dizzying, and exhausting. A poem.