Celebrity Interviewer Plays Hilarious Games With Famous Guys

Yeah, that's scary.

Ever wanted to ask questions of Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell? No, not Mark Paul Gosselaar… Zack Morris himself. Paul F Thompkins has the privilege. Also, Hayley Joel Osment and Jake Johnson from New Girl.

New Images of Men on New Girl


Engaging, non-stereotypical images of men… on a sitcom? Heather McLendon was pleasantly surprised.

The Douche Journals


From the people who brought you ‘Family Guy’ and ‘New Girl’: two volumes of jokes for the john.

Is TV the New Way-Back Machine for Women…and Men?

photo by tpholland

“Men and women: will we ever understand each other? And isn’t it hilarious when we don’t?” Welcome to the Fall line up for TV comedy.