How to be a Wonderful Grand Dad

Grandparents are either adored or shunned. Here are three things you can do to be a great grandparent and thus be included in your grandchildren’s lives.

How Being a Front End “Preparer” Parent Keeps you From Being a Back End “Repairer” Parent

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Dear Future Son; A Reflection on What I Would Have Said

A Letter Filled With Thoughts From Parents to Their Future Children

GMP Dads Workshop: How to Have a Baby and Still Have Sex!

Sex is a wonderful way to deeply connect and play. But babies can kill your sex life! And left unchecked this can destroy your relationship. Here are 6 things that can help you survive and even thrive through these early times.

8 Big Ways Dads Can Help with Breastfeeding

It sounds like a mom-only arena, the world of breastfeeding, but there’s a lot that dad can do to help with this important, special and sometimes exhausting activity.

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3 Things Besides Love That Parents Need to Give Their Kids

Love is essential, but Tor Constantino identifies three things parents need to provide besides love to raise healthy children.

Stupid New Parents – Part 2

As about-to-be parents, Matthew Osgood reveals more about how he and his wife had a day of their life sucked away.

Stupid New Parents – Part 1

As about-to-be parents, Matthew Osgood reveals how he and his wife had a day of their life sucked away.

Babies And the Rebirth of Men

I wasn’t ready to be with a baby. I didn’t understand the rhythm of it. What was the beginning, middle, and end of this task?

New Coca-Cola Ad Sells Customers on Green Coke, Having Another Baby

A new Coca-Cola commercial from Argentina perfectly sums up the highs and lows of becoming a parent for the first time

The Let’s Dad! Great Gift Guide #1

September is the most common birth month. Count back nine months and it’s Christmas. In the giving spirit, here are some gift ideas for newborns.


People in relationships can’t fathom what single men do with their time. If they can make an event, surely you can. Sean Carney explains.

In the Maternity Ward: A Poem

The emotions a new father feels, holding his newborn son, are hilarious, dizzying, and exhausting. A poem.