9 Ways We Can Truly Save Christmas (Once and for All)

Forget the whole Starbucks Red Cup Non-troversy. Jeremy McKeen is saving the biggest Holiday ever. —  Everyone knows that every year, the minute that the last bag of Halloween candy is marked down at your local Buy n’ Bag, the red and green go up, and with it the silly season of savings for the holiday that […]

It’s 2015—Your Gut is Calling

Fear of failure is your gut’s mating call. Your gut is saying, TRY.

A New Year Without Resolutions: 5 Ways to Grow in 2015

Surround yourself with people that inspire you.

21 Ways to Be Lonely in the New Year

Unless you don’t want to be lonely, then read this so you’ll know what not to do.

My Life in Review: The People Who Changed Me

As the calendar moves forward, Matthew Rozsa looks back at 6 life-changing relationships he’s had and lost.

Living With Gratitude At Year’s End

The year is quickly coming to a close. Dr. Steve suggests giving yourself a year-end gift and make a list of everything for which you are grateful.

Words of Life — A Gift You Can Give Year Round

Words of Hope is a program that sends Christmas cards to rape victims in prison. But you can start sharing the message of hope right now.

Free to a Good Home – Dreams

How do you let go of dreams that don’t fit anymore, and choose new ones that are the perfect fit for you right now?

Before You Make A New Year’s Resolution, Consider This

With New Year’s eve quickly approaching, the time of “fresh starts” and “resolutions” leads many to consider starting a new diet.

A Practice of Gratitude Makes a Healthier Start to the New Year

Letting go of expectation, and focusing on gratitude, moves you past the holidays and into the New Year healthier in mind and spirit.

How Big is Big Enough?

When it comes to dreams, it’s not the size that matters, it’s getting the right fit.

6 Tips to Making 2015 the Best Year Ever

Every year we say next year is going to be OUR year. Here’s how to make it true.

Why You Won’t Change in 2014: The Failure of Resolutions

Justin Wisor believes resolutions rob us of the current moment, convincing us that where we are is not good enough.

New Year’s Eve, 1979

December 1979 was a strange time to be a 12 year old boy.

How To Make 2014 Your Year of Real Magic

Jacob Nordby, with The Temple of Dreams: A Parable of Your Possibility—on how to learn the power of “except”.

Spring Dew

Spoon Jackson welcomes Spring with the declaration that “There is still beauty in cell bars.”