15 Nuggets for 2015


Forget having just one “resolution”, here are 15 ways you can better your life this year.

Do You Make New Year’s Resolutions For Your Relationship? Why Not?

Trust me. I know what I'm doing.

Making relationship resolutions can be tough. There is still time if you think your partner is worth it.

New Years in The Tank: Transmissions from The 12th Circle


New Years comes and goes for everyone. Though..it’s a bit different in a concrete box.

Five New Year’s Resolutions For The Political Media


Forget losing weight, let’s try and get the political media to do a better job in 2015.

Countdown to the Kiss

All you need is love...and a clock.

Gay, straight, it didn’t matter when it came time for that midnight kiss.

100 Things To Do More Often in 2014

photo by oleh slobodeniuk

Jason Helveston, with a simple list.

The Good Men Playlist: Songs About Years

songs about years

Sure I could give you a list of starting fresh songs, but how about some songs about years instead?

Five New Year’s Resolutions For The Political Media


Forget losing weight, let’s try and get the political media to do a better job in 2014.

Stop Living a Dead Man’s Life: How to Make the New Year Truly a New One

Living photo by Candida.Perfoma

Alan Bishop wants you to consider this: The story of your life is in your control. Write it, speak it, and most importantly—take action.

Prizefighters and Poppas


What does the life deliberately and well lived look like?

10 Things I Learned From Halloween

Screen Shot 2012-11-01 at 11.52.07 AM

GMP founder Tom Matlack reflects on the holiday just past and what is yet to come.

25 Ways of Thinking About the Holidays


In the first Love, Recorded of 2012, Matt looks back at the holidays, the baby turns 6-months-old and vulnerable, and the family plays Sleeping Lions. ♦◊♦ 1. When I was growing up, we spent most Christmases at the house my parents got as a wedding present from my great aunt, who lived through three nominal […]

Best of 2011: My Daughter


In the latest “Love, Recorded,” Matt takes on the new year, best of lists, worst of lists, and the rash, while wondering about the changes past and to come. Baby Grace has a big year ahead of her.

Little People, Window Surfing, and Other Holiday Rituals

photo by caitlinator

Tom Matlack struggles to get into the holiday spirit.

Early Risk Assessment

risk assessment

In the latest installment of “Love, Recorded,” Cathreen approaches her second trimester and Matt ponders the unknown.

The 10 at 10: December 31

via photobucket

Chicken wing recall during bowl season? Crud. We’re appalled, crushed, shocked, and devastated.