10 Lifestyle Transformations Through City Biking


Biking in New York City changed Argun Ulgen. Here’s how.

A Perversion of Justice: Cuffed to the Bed, but It’s Not What You Think

Sick Justice by Robb1e

How the NYPD handles gunshot victims with outstanding warrants while they recover in the hospital.

NYC Mayor de Blasio Rips Corporate Welfare, Champions a Living Wage

de blasio-ap-mike groll

A higher minimum wage will mean more money in the pockets of workers which builds a thriving economy.

Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen: NYC Tourists of the Year


Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen, BFFs for life.

What I Learned About Marriage After Officiating 300 Weddings

wedding rings-andrewmalone-flicker

Edie Weinstein is learning the meaning of love, commitment and devotion after standing at the altar at least 300 times.

A Love Story About Mommy and Daddy For My Children This Valentine’s Day


An open letter from Ariel Chesler to his daughters, about how he knew their mother was the one for him.

Chris Christie is Too Tough for Today’s “Feminized Atmosphere”?


It took a few days for Fox News to circle the focus groups on the Chris Christie political apocalypse and finally come up with what polls well with their viewership.

Unsolicited Advice for Bill de Blasio

bill de blasio

The new most powerful mayor in America has a lot of expectations to live up to. Here’s a few more.

Trying to be a Better Man through Meditation

Good Men Project, Meditation, Becoming a Better Man, Becoming a Better Man through Meditation, Mark Radcliffe, Emotional Evolution

Mark Radcliffe explains how meditation improved his relationship with himself

Watching Time Pass Over the Vineyard Game


You can’t buy Christmas spirit, but you can make it.

A Poor Man’s Pope, A Rich Man’s Mayor


Doug Zeigler explores the very different messages of Pope Francis and New York City Mayor Bloomberg about the poor.

Federal Appeals Court Rejects Last-Ditch Effort to Preserve Stop-And-Frisk in New York City


If Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio follows through on his commitment to drop the appeal to the case, Friday’s ruling will likely be the end to litigation over the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk program.

Have We Lost the Art of Medicine?

6972689965_4f89499185_z (1)

An experienced caregiver shares three tips for injecting humanity into an often cold & arbitrary heath-care system

What Thursday’s Surprising Ruling Means For New York’s Stop-And-Frisk Laws


A federal appeals court panel not only put the landmark New York Police Department stop-and-frisk ruling on hold; it also removed the trial judge from the case, finding that she had violated ethics rules.

Brothers, Shake It Off


Dr. Gadsden discusses the reality that while many men will never end up physically imprisoned many are still “journeying through life psychologically and spiritually imprisoned”

The Riddle of Steel

Riddle of Steel and City of Steel

Jackie Summers was about to have a very good day and solve all the mysteries of the universe. Or so he thought.