NFL Educates Teams on Small Ebola Risk–Forgets to Mention Large Concussion Risk

Tor Constantino looks at the NFL’s attempt to demonstrate concern for player safety regarding Ebola but not the concussions suffered by up to 30% of players on average.

DirecTV Says Yes, There Are Gay Football Fans

DirecTV scores with an ad that tells us what we already know: gay guys like football, too.

Gays, Giants, NFL, and the Hiring of David Tyree

The personal views of David Tyree DO matter when his duties include education and development.

Man-to-Man with NFL Running Back Rashad Jennings of the New York Giants

“There’s nothing special about me, I’m just in a special position.” —Rashad Jennings

NFL Diary: Week 9

In last week’s diary, Ryan Bradley handed out his awards for the first half of the NFL season. This week he hands out his anti-awards.

NFL Diary: Week 7

Maybe it’s the fact that Halloween is just around the corner, but Ryan Bradley can’t help notice that this season just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Week 7 of his NFL Diary.

NFL Diary: Week 6

Ryan Bradley plays couch coach in Week 6 of his NFL Diary. His advice: fire Tom Coughlin, bench Eli Manning and Matt Schaub, and sign you know who.

NFL Diary: Week 4

Vince Wilfork is done for the season, the Saints expose the Dolphins, and Kiko Alonso performing just as Ryan Bradley predicted. Week 4 of the NFL Diary.

NFL Diary: Week 2

Can Eli turn it around? Why did Jason Garrett settle for the field goal? Are the Seahawks really that good? Ryan Bradley runs down Week 2 in the NFL.

NFL Diary: Week 1

Every week this season Ryan Bradley will be reviewing the NFL weekend that was.

2013 NFL Preview: NFC East and North

Ryan Bradley continues his 2013 NFL preview. Today he turns his attention to the NFC.

The Giants Win the World Series: Our Moonlight (Graham) by the Bay Club

While still savoring the Giants’ latest World Series victory, Jim Jividen pauses to reflect on the lives of the nine men who played only one career game with the San Francisco Giants.

Oscars = Tuxedos

Jamie Reidy smacks down the Good Men Project founder’s argument that men should be allowed to wear dresses to the Academy Awards.

#35: Coach Coughlin

He is the best.

A Sox Fan in Yankees Land: ‘Boston’s Gay,’ 18-1, and a Chance at Redemption

With the next chapter of the New York–Boston rivalry set to be written on Sunday, Daniel Roberts, a Boston diehard, reflects on his time in Manhattan.

GoodCall: NY Giants Create Interactive 9/11 Memorial, and More

Brandon Sneed once again brings stories of people doing good things in the wonderful world of sports.