Like Father, Like Son? Rex Ryan Is No Head Coach. Not Now. Not Yet.


The Jets’ soon-to-be former fearless leader never learned from his father’s mistakes. Dave Chmiel questions why anyone should trust him with another franchise.

Ex-NFL Player Talks Brain Trauma, Greed and Blame: Part 2

49er team Good

In Part 2 of this interview, former 49’ers defensive tackle, George Visger, says he lost everything due to NFL-induced head trauma and offers common sense rule changes to protect NFL players going forward.

Ex-NFL Player Talks Brain Trauma, Greed and Blame: Part 1


Former 49’ers defensive tackle, George Visger, talks about his hundreds of concussions, 9 emergency brain surgeries and “NFL bullsh*t”

NFL Diary: Week 3


Jay Cutler playing well in a contract year, Colin Kaepernick struggling behind a struggling O-line, and Eli Manning doing his best Mark Sanchez impersonation. Week 3 of Ryan Bradley’s NFL diary.

NFL Diary: Week 2


Can Eli turn it around? Why did Jason Garrett settle for the field goal? Are the Seahawks really that good? Ryan Bradley runs down Week 2 in the NFL.

NFL Diary: Week 1


Every week this season Ryan Bradley will be reviewing the NFL weekend that was.

2013 NFL Preview: AFC East and North


Ryan Bradley previews the upcoming NFL season, beginning with the AFC East and North.

[Successful Athlete] Is Not Your Role Model

santonio holmes

When it comes to athletes, Aaron Gordon writes, “great” rarely means “good.”

The Buffalo Bills and the Depreciating Expectations of a Fan’s Masochism

Photo by

Buffalo Bills’ fans’ expectations and hopes are continuously and perpetually disappointed. But that doesn’t mean they stop hoping.

The Conversation: Fernando Torres, Carmelo Anthony, and Liberated Fandom


Two sports fans talk about the meaning of ’Melo, Fernando Torres, and “The Decision.”

Losing a Game You Didn’t Play In

Mark Sanchez

Last night, as I watched Rashard Mendenhall hump his quarterback, every potentially crucial play of the game and of the season ran through my mind.

The 10 at 10: January 24

Jack LaLanne

R.I.P. Jack LaLanne, Jay Cutler called a Coward, and how Chinese students see the U.S.: the 10 at 10.

Good Men Picks: NFL Conference Championships

Aaron Rodgers

Last week one commenter described Good Men Picks as “what it would look like if ‘People’ had a sports section.” So we’re picking based on the celebrity lookalike for each team’s quarterback.

Good Men Picks: Divisional Playoffs

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp August 6, 2009

A good man is an honest man, no? Well, that’s gonna be the theme of Good Men Picks this week.

The Jets Beat the Colts: a Photo Essay


Reubens, plucked eyebrows, mascot action, and the Red Garter: One Jets fan’s road trip to Indianapolis.

Good Men Picks: NFL Wildcard Weekend

NFL Playoffs

This week we’re using the good folks at Google to help us to decide.