A Perversion of Justice: Cuffed to the Bed, but It’s Not What You Think

Sick Justice by Robb1e

How the NYPD handles gunshot victims with outstanding warrants while they recover in the hospital.

Life Below The Mason-Dixon: It’s Not What You Might Think


Article after article frames the South as backwards and ignorant. You would have to go there to know the truth.

The Quaint Notion of Amateurism


In honor of March Madness, which began this week, GMP Sports has combed its archives for the best articles about the tournament. Here, Liam Day, in a post from 2012, argues that the players you’ll be watching the next few weeks should get paid to entertain you.

What Do We Want for Our Children?

heroin, needle, drug

The tragic and untimely death of Philip Seymour Hoffman made a lot of people think. Larry Bernstein thought about the children.

The Secret Strength of Good (Gay) Men


How are you defined as a man? For Eirik Rogers, being gay has defined him in a world of good men – but even more, it has defined him outside that world.

NYTimes: Link Between Super Bowl and Rise in Sex Trafficking is “Just Rhetoric”


Kathryn DeHoyos worries the fight to end human trafficking may be damaged by the revelation made in a New York Times Op-Ed this week.

Dad 2.0 Summit: An Open Conversation for Modern Dads

dad, 2.0, summit, logo, conference, event

Dad 2.0 Summit is an annual conference about the changing perception and online voice of modern fatherhood. Carter Gaddis tells us all about it . . .

The New York Times Looks at Gendered Search Differences by Parents

parents gendered search differences from the new york times

The differences between parents web searches and reality.

Between The Binary

Between The Binary

Adam Martin on why society can’t seem to accept bisexual men.

I Challenged a Famous Ethicist… And Changed His Mind.

mom son walking away

What happens with the mother of a boy with Down Syndrome asks a New York Times columnist to apologize? He does – and more.

Prove Your Manhood, Lose Your Life


Ariel Chesler was proud of the good works his fraternity did, but he believes any “test of manhood” is a bad one.

Homophobic States Don’t Have Fewer Gay Men. Just More of them in the Closet.

gay together photo by puroticorico

Fewer men identify as gay in states which are blatantly intolerant of homosexuality. Dr. Aqualus Gordan explores.

No Place I’d Rather Be: A Response To The New York Times

No place Id rather be photo by

Jason Greene sometimes wonders “what if” when he thinks about his role as stay at home dad, married to a breadwinning wife. But not for long.

Fast Food Strikes Will Hit 100 Cities on Thursday


According to the New York Times, fast food workers are planning a one day strike in 100 cities on Thursday to demand a raise in pay.

Be The Greatest Lover She’s Ever Known

“No, that was totally real, I swear.”

Doctor NerdLove explains that in order to be the best lover possible, you’ll have to unlearn what you think you know about how to be great in bed.

Don’t Be Mad at the Beastie Boys Because of the GoldieBlox ‘Girls’ Parody Lawsuit

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 9.30.10 PM

What you may not know about The Beastie Boys and GoldieBlox’s legal battle.