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Only One Sentence David Carr Wrote Was BS

RIP David Carr (1956-2015)

Do You Want to Talk Seriously About Men?

Thomas Fiffer challenges the media to engage in a serious, two-sided conversation about the roles and responsibilities of men and women in breaking the cycle of violence and abuse.

A Good Man in Monrovia Battles the Ebola Epidemic

Good Men Project columnist N.C. Harrison discusses the altruistic efforts of Liberian ambulance driver Gordon Kamara, one of the best men he’s ever heard of.

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Recent news stories that show us exactly what NOT to do if we’re trying to be less racist.

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“Sleepy Hollow” star Orlando Jones co-opts the Ice Bucket Challenge to reverse the hate resulting from Ferguson.

Don’t Blame Me. Blame Thomas, Jefferson

The perils of grammar, and its impact on the Declaration of Independence.

Dear Kevin Williamson, Laverne Cox Is A Woman

Kevin Williamson of the National Review wrote an article calling Laverne Cox a man. Here’s why he’s so very wrong.

Man of Compassion- An (Almost) Exclusive Interview With the Dalai Lama

Edie Weinstein still shakes her head in wonder at the epic meeting that took place in 2oo8 as she lived a 20 year journalistic dream.

How Ready Are We for Gay CEOs?

We’ve now gotten comfortable throwing homophobes out of the corner office, but are we ready to accept openly gay corporate chieftains?

Uppity Women & Uppity Others

Rev. Neil O’Farrell considers what happens when talented people hope to rise.

Student Perspectives on Race and Education in Tuscaloosa

Teens at two high schools helped ProPublica tell the story of resegregation by documenting their experiences in photos. Their work has launched a conversation about race and education in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and beyond.

Was Jill Abramson Ousted Because She Wanted Equal Pay?

The New York Times’ decision to fire its executive editor is yet another in a long line of questionable moves regarding gender discrimination.