Fighting Evil to Equal Rights, Emma Watson is an Exceptional Muggle!

From fighting Lord Voldemort and his evil followers to championing equal human rights for women, girls, men and boys, Emma Watson has joined a critical fight, and not a moment too soon.

Sorry Liberals, Andrew Cuomo Is Doing Fine

Some liberal commentators claim that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s smaller than anticipated reelection margin is bad news for him. They are completely wrong.

A ‘Humans of New York’ Moment

One warm winter evening on the Upper West Side, Thomas Fiffer reached out and touched a stranger’s life.

Just Let the Kids Play

Author Bruce Fabricant reminisces on his Little League play, while lamenting youth sports culture of today.

Somewhere in Brooklyn

Christopher Stephen Soden paints a picture of sensual satisfaction in this quiet poem.

New York is Filled with Boys

If Walt Whitman had lived in a different time, he might’ve written Perry Brass’s celebration of the boy in all of us.

New York State to Pay Millions in Wrongful Conviction Case

A Brooklyn man who spent more than a dozen years in prison for a crime he likely did not commit will receive $3 million from New York State. He may get even more from New York City.

I’m A Man Who Teaches Like A Catholic Nun

It’s time to get back to the basics, whether we like it or not.

We’re All Getting Older: Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?

Jess Kornbluth reviews cartoonist Roz Chast’s memoir, and discusses the hard stuff about getting older.

The Search for Gentrification in a Brooklyn Bookstore

Gentrification is a concern in cities around the world. Elvis Alves wants to see what it looks like in one section of Brooklyn, NY.

Call for Submissions: LGBT Pride and LGBT Book Month

We’re looking for gay, bi-sexual, and transgender youth to tell their stories; to embrace this month by celebrating their sexual identity and gender identification, sharing how gender diversity is a gift, and reinforcing that sexual orientation and gender identity are inherent.

Brooklyn Man Walks Out of Court, Cleared of Murder After 24 Years in Prison

Today’s hearing was the final step in a process that began in June 2013.

Why Are These Men Playing with Trash For A Living? [Video]

Dillan DiGiovanni describes a job that requires men to use both finesse and brute strength to clean trash from trees.

Meet Joshua, a Real ‘Human of New York,’ and Hear Him Sing

His name is Joshua Paul Downs, and he sings in the subway to finance his life. Last week, on the way home, he got lucky. Hallelujah.

A Murder of Crows or Boys Will Be Boys?

The goal is simple–kill as many crows as possible.

The Subway’s No.1 Charmer

Inside the cramped and crazed subways of New York, a colorful conductor on the 1 train brightens commutes with off-script announcements.