Call for Submissions: LGBT Pride and LGBT Book Month

National LGBT Pride Month, National LGBT Book Month

We’re looking for gay, bi-sexual, and transgender youth to tell their stories; to embrace this month by celebrating their sexual identity and gender identification, sharing how gender diversity is a gift, and reinforcing that sexual orientation and gender identity are inherent.

Brooklyn Man Walks Out of Court, Cleared of Murder After 24 Years in Prison


Today’s hearing was the final step in a process that began in June 2013.

Why Are These Men Playing with Trash For A Living? [Video]

bags copy

Dillan DiGiovanni describes a job that requires men to use both finesse and brute strength to clean trash from trees.

Meet Joshua, a Real ‘Human of New York,’ and Hear Him Sing

Meet a Real Human by Melissa Elumba

His name is Joshua Paul Downs, and he sings in the subway to finance his life. Last week, on the way home, he got lucky. Hallelujah.

A Murder of Crows or Boys Will Be Boys?

Crow Down, crows, crow kill

The goal is simple–kill as many crows as possible.

The Subway’s No.1 Charmer

Victor Vasquez

Inside the cramped and crazed subways of New York, a colorful conductor on the 1 train brightens commutes with off-script announcements.

Butcher Knives’ Debut Album A Must Listen

001 Butcher Knives (c) 2013 Ana Pinto

The New York band’s diverse backgrounds blend into a tasty musical stew.

Just What Is Rep. Tom Reed of NY Ashamed Of?

What Is Rep. Tom Reed by Philip Bump

A Congressman shares his painful personal experience with his colleagues and says, ‘No more.’

Touch – Part 2

touch 2 photo by Monja

We never know to what, where, or whom an event will lead us.

Touch – Part 1

greenpoint brooklyn

We never know to what, where, or whom an event will lead us.

In and Out of the Boxing Ring, Two Men Confront Very Different Demons

gloves-by arriba-flickr

For Alvin Valentine, it was a chance to fight for something other than his life. For Adam Friedman, it was a chance to face down a monster that had tormented him since childhood—fear.

The Argument for Chicago Deep Dish

giordanos pizza-by TaraDSturm-flickr

Nick Jurczak refutes the claims that John Stewart and other New Yorkers have made about Deep Dish pizza, reiterating why Chicago is #1 in terms of pizza.

A Modern Indignity

Photo by Youssef Hanna

When David Perez was 11, he had two stated goals: to become president of the United States, and to meet his father. Thanks to LinkedIn, he’s halfway there.

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Bill Murray on the Last Time He Saw Gilda Radner


Here’s one way to say goodbye.

12 Years A Star, Black Boys Achieved

Idris Acheives

Years in the making, Parents Joe Brewster and Michele Stephenson show that the missing piece in education reform is parental engagement.

Love and Losing: A Bonding Story

philly, philadelphia, love

What is more important when picking a favorite sports team: tradition or location? Larry Bernstein shares losing, love, and baseball with his 9-year-old son.