Our Struggle to Save the Kiwi Fruit

The story of the kiwi fruit brings up some important questions about where we get our historical information.

A Good Man From New Zealand: On America, Guns, and Masculinity

In response to the QZ article, “America’s gun problem has everything to do with America’s masculinity problem” – Scott Stephen explains why New Zealand’s firearm culture is different.

Don’t Know Much About History: The Judgements of Man

I can’t help but suspect that the vast majority of what passes for historical truth is in fact bullsh*t. ––– “Once upon a time, in some out of the way corner of that universe which is dispersed into numberless twinkling solar systems, there was a star upon which clever beasts invented knowing. It was the […]

You Really Think You Know What You Would Do?

An Armenian woman abandoned her child with Down Syndrome. Why are we so sure she had a choice?

How Can Society Best Deal With Violent Offenders?

Garth McVicar started a non-profit organization in New Zealand to help change the way violent offenders are being sentenced.

New Case May Be Catalyst for New Zealand to Change Gendered Sexual Assault Laws

“…it has also highlighted disparity in the law of rape, which makes it impossible for a woman to be accused of the crime.”
-New Zealand Herald

Sexual Violence Against Boys & Men in Conflict Settings: The Men of Peace, Hope and Courage.

Alastair Hilton on his work with male survivors of sexual abuse and violence.

NEW STUDY: Lack of Sleep Interfering With US Kids Learning

A Boston College study has found that US students are the most sleep-deprived in the world.

After New Zealand Legalized Gay Marriage, Spectators Sang a Love Song for a Lesbian Lawmaker (Video)

This will tug on your heart strings!

Missing the Days Before You Were Married

The glass of retrospect distorts, for a moment, a married man’s memories of his globetrotting single days .

Would You Help Your Competitor Get to the Finish Line? (Photo)

Fernández Anaya was near the end of a cross country race when he saw his competitor make a mistake.

Air New Zealand’s Hobbit Inspired Air Safety Video

Peter Jackson has made a Hobbit inspired air safety video that you’ll actually watch all of. And you won’t even be on the plane.

Guys: Check Your Balls

Are testicular exams women’s work?

The Gift of Sensitivity

MJ Kelly learned that it’s easy to devalue emotional sensitivity, until you see it in your child’s eyes.

Hair and Identity

In his search for an image, Christopher Banks found himself.

The Spoiled Only Child

Being the adopted child of older parents made Christopher Banks the subject of bullying in school.