The News—Woodward on Obama, Delhi Games Struggle and Scientists Find a New Species of Shrew

Good morning, gentlemen. Here’s what’s good feeding this Wednesday morning: Bob Woodward’s New Book Reveals Drama in Obama Admin’s Afghanistan Policy Bob Woodward (of Woodward & Bernstein and Watergate fame) published his book “Obama Wars,” which depicts a deep split in the Obama administration when it came to the War in Afghanistan. Though President Obama […]

The News—DADT Stalls, Afghan War Death Toll Hits Record High, Coral Reefs Dying, News Reconfirmed as Overwhelmingly Depressing.

Good morning, gentlemen! Here’s what’s good feeding this Tuesday morning. Senate Vote on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Act Still Unclear The vote on the “don’t ask don’t tell” act is still up in the air as Senators continue to debate the military’s policy of requiring gays and lesbians to keep their sexuality secret. Factions of […]

The News—Discarded Workers, Discrimination, Forest Fires, and a Crumbling Education System

For the Unemployed Over 50, Fears of Never Working Again Despite impressive credentials and qualifications, a growing number of unemployed Americans in their 50s and 60s are finding it difficult to re-enter the workforce. “Of the 14.9 million unemployed, more than 2.2 million are 55 or older,” according to the New York Times. “Nearly half […]

The News—Oil Companies Fight Green Regulations, New York Hit by a Possible Tornado

California Braces for Showdown on Emissions A landmark California law designed to curb greenhouse emissions could be overturned by a ballot initiative in November. Passed four years ago, the Global Warming Solutions Act calls for the power industry in California to put a cap on greenhouse emissions. The initiative to suspend the act is supported […]

The News—Pope Benedict Goes On a Trip, Boeing Welcomes Space Tourists, and the Tea Party After-Party Rages On

Good morning, gentlemen. Here’s what’s good feeding on this fine Thursday morn. Pope Benedict visits UK, reprimands molesting priests Pope Benedict kicked off his controversial four-day tour of the UK with a state visit with Queen Elizabeth this morning… and it’s a pretty big deal. This is the first pontifical visit to Britain in nearly […]

The News—Tea Party Parties, Real IRA Threatens, and Twitter Gets a Makeover

G.O.P. Insurgents Win in Del. and N.Y. The Tea Party scored two big victories in the Republican primaries yesterday. In Delaware, Christine O’Donnell defeated moderate Republican Michael Castle in the U.S. Senate primary. O’Donnell will face Democrat Chris Coons in the general election. Castle, a member of the U.S. Congress since 1993, lost to O’Donnell […]

The News—Tea Partying with Lady Gaga

A Year Later, Tea Party Marches On Has it really been a year? Yep, the tea partiers marched on the U.S. Capitol a year ago, delighting Fox News and scaring the heck out of NPR listeners. Yesterday, they were back again in the same spot, rallying before the upcoming midterm elections. The prevailing emotion a […]

The News—Ban on Gays in the Military Ruled Unconstitutional, Japanese Elderly Are Disappearing

Good morning, gentlemen. Here’s what’s on your good feed this Friday morning. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Ban on Gays in the Military Ruled Unconstitutional. A California federal judge ruled today that the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy is unconstitutional. The policy says, essentially, that the military can’t ask its soldiers about their sexual orientation… but […]

The News—Court of Appeals Denies Alleged Torture Victims, Again

9th Circuit throws out CIA torture lawsuit for national security reasons Five foreigners who say they were tortured and interrogated by the CIA want to sue the Boeing subsidiary that whisked them away for interrogations. But they’re not going to get that chance—a federal court of appeals denied them, saying a trial would compromise issues […]

The News—Here Comes the G.O.P.

Republicans making gains against Democrats ahead of midterm elections In today’s sign of the apocalypse… just kidding. The G.O.P, however, is making big strides against Democrats ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, Republicans are about even with Democrats in voters’ minds when it comes to who they think […]

The News—Your Friday Hurricane Edition

Good morning, gentlemen. Here’s what’s good feeding on this fine Friday morning. Hurricane Earl Sideswipes North Carolina; Weakly Eyes Massachusetts Hurricane Earl may have weakened in its approach to the North Carolina coast, but it still packed a punch at winds exceeding 100 mph. Most local residents in danger zones had already evacuated when it […]