Freed from prison, man robs Same N.J. store 14 years later

Gary Bouchard’s blank verse “ripped from the headlines” poem is a remarkable meditation on cycles and human habit.

How Bill Simmons’ Innovative Style Led to His Rise—and Fall—at ESPN

With teams providing less and less access to journalists, Simmons always prioritized the interests of the common fan.

12 Films about News Journalism to Watch with Your High School or College Kids

Films can be a great teaching tool. Kip Robisch picks a dozen on journalism.

Zimmerman: Do We Need the Daily Trial Blow-by-blow?

When any trial becomes the sole focus of the media, we miss crucial other things that are happening in our world.

Moms and Dads Reach Workplace Equality: Neither Can Have It All

Reports in mainstream media confirm the same thing: Men and women are equally dissatisfied with current work-life balance, reports Scott Behson

I’m Back

Josh Bowman has been away from his blog for a while. He’s back now, kicking and screaming.

“Present-day American culture gives a lot of voice to anger and outrage, all the while being afraid of it.”

Our culture has a lot of knee-jerk anger, righteous angry, religious anger, and indignant anger. While anger has its place, it also can be very unproductive. Wellokaythen thinks it’s because of our news cycles and political culture which encourages people to be full of stubborn rage.

Up Before the Sun

What bothers me is it’s as normal to see headlines of crime and dead children as it is to have cereal in the morning.

Jonestown Massacre, 34 Years Later

John Tinseth remembers preparing to engage the Guyanese Army, only to discover that the 900 dead Americans were killed in a mass suicide.

Petraeus, MLK and JFK: Why I Don’t Demand Fidelity From My Political Leaders

Emily Heist Moss asks a lot of her leaders, but one thing she doesn’t demand is fidelity.

Infographic: What if Only White Men Voted in the Election?

Ever wondered how our political landscape would look if we were one, homogenous group?

What If We Celebrated Science Like the Olympics?

What NASA does every day is like a perfect balance beam act, performed every day, in space. Why don’t we celebrate these feats with the enthusiasm we reserve for Olympic athletes?

On Losing Lance

Mark Radcliffe was once an elite cyclist who looked up to Lance Armstrong as a role model. Now he knows what a dirty sport it’s always been.

Ah, the Newspaper Stands, I Remember Them Well 1.

1. Antique Store

1. Antique Store

Consider Art.

Maybe we should all be making money.  The purpose of life is to make money.  No, the purpose of life is to survive.  Here, in the United States, survival can be and should be ensured for all.  We are, after all, the wealthiest country in the history of civilization.  The question then becomes: If survival […]