Man Jumps Onto Subway Tracks, Saves Woman

Reporter happens to witness rescue.

Firefighters Hunt Ruins, Find Lost Ring for Widow

Boston crew fulfills a promise after last week’s deadly blaze.

Goodwill Reunites Family With 1812 Heirloom Bible

A centuries-old heirloom Bible has found its way back into family hands thanks to a dedicated Goodwill employee.

NEWSER: Guitars Make Men Sexier

A newly released French study suggests music is linked to physical and intellectual abilities.

NEWSER: High Court Won’t Hear Challenge to NY Gun Law

The US Supreme Court has declined to hear a challenge against a strict gun law that “makes it difficult for residents to get a license to carry a concealed handgun in public.”

NEWSER: Boston Library Fire May be Unrelated to Bombs

Earlier reports that the fire which broke out at Boston’s JFK presidential library was connected to the bombing in Boston this afternoon may have been “premature.”

Senate Votes to Allow Debate on Gun Control Bill

The bipartisan gun control bill passed its first hurdle, but the fight is just beginning.

NEWSER: Inside REM’s Final Days

After completing his final performance with REM, a teary-eyed Michael Stipe quietly mouthed, “Hooray, we’re done.”

A Big Week Ahead for Gun Control

There may be a bipartisan measure on background checks on the table after all.

NEWSER: Deep in a Cave, an Amazing Tale of Holocaust Survival

It’s hard not to describe any tale of Holocaust survival as amazing, but this one is particularly remarkable.

NEWSER: Rutgers Knew All About Coach Rice’s Abusive Tactics

According to a report published in the New York Times, Rutgers officials “knew about Mike Rice’s bad behavior well before seeing it on video last year.”

NEWSER: Queens Drug Bust Sparks Protest of ‘Police Brutality’

Approximately 50 residents of Jamaica, Queens, “engaged in a three-hour standoff with police in riot gear last night after a violent drug bust outside a local housing project.”

NEWSER: Airline Fined for Kicking Non-Jewish Flyer Off Plane

Pro-Palestinian activist was removed for having no Israeli passport.

NEWSER: AP Revises Rule on Use of ‘Islamist’

The AP style guide now says the term should only be used to describe someone who thinks society should follow the rules of Islam.

NEWSER: 2 More Red-State Democrats ‘Evolve’ on Gay Marriage

Nate Silver writes, “The remaining senators who have not taken the opportunity yet may have good political reasons for it, and may wait some time before they do.”

NEWSER: Georgia Teens Look to Dump Segregated Proms

Four students at Wilcox County High School in Rochelle, Georgia, are bucking tradition and organizing the town’s first ever “integrated prom.”