‘Meet the Press’ Needs to Meet Diversity

NBC’s weekly news program needs some color along with its edge.

Is America The Best Country in the World? Can it Be? (Video)

The introductory monologue in HBOs “The Newsroom” is patriotism at its best: critical, yet hopeful.

The 10 Best Shows to Watch With Your Wife

To help stoke the flames of marital bliss, I have pulled together a list of 10 shows that I think are good ones to watch with your wife.

Biking to World Domination

A Republican gubernatorial candidate from Colorado sees evil where the bikes are.

Casual Sex, Explained (and Defined)

A study reveals the important difference between a one-night stand and a booty call.

Tough Guy

A new study reveals that, despite the existence of Mike Tyson, a man’s voice is a pretty good indicator of his strength.

Behold, the Narcissist

A new study sheds light on heterosexual male narcissists and their dislike of women.

The Darker Side of Green

Ryan O’Hanlon reports from “The Darker Side of Green,” a Lexus-sponsored party/debate about global warming hosted by recycler extraordinaire… Tracy Morgan.

Money Buys Unhappiness

Being rich is only going to bum you out, according to a new study.

Cupcakes for Dudes

David Arrick makes cupcakes topped with manly things, like bacon. Yes, bacon.

Breaking News: Chicken Comes Before Egg

Wait… we’re still confused.

Poor Playboy

Playboy is in bad shape. Could Penthouse be its savior?

Food for Thought

Studies reveal that guys (being the morons we sometimes are) skip over foods we want in favor of foods we deem “masculine.”

It Isn’t Easy Being Beautiful

When applying for a job, it sometimes pays to be average looking.

Dictators Make Lousy Soccer Coaches

“Athlete” Kim Jong-il messes things up again for North Korea.

Down and Out?

Millenials casually confront tough job market from the comfort of their parents’ living room.