The One Rule for Boys Everyone Must Know

the boy and the wall

Dr. Max Wachtel speaks out on the one rule that can save our boys.

Gun Rights Group Files Lawsuit Against Officials in Connectucut

Connecticut gun control, CT gun control passes, Newtown shooting, Newtown gun control,

The Office of the Connecticut Attorney General asserts that the new legislation is legal and the office is “prepared to vigorously defend the law against any court challenge.”

Speaking With Children About Violence

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With so many children being killed, who do we maintain our kids’ sensitivity to human suffering?

Guns and Fatalism

assault weapons, gun control debate, guns in schools, school shootings, security freedom, armed citizens,second amendment rights, NRA

Eric Sentell shoots down the argument that “if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

Video: Conspiracy Theorists Harassing Newtown Families

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Anderson Cooper investigates how conspiracy theorists have taken to harassing families who lost children in the Newtown, CT school massacre.

Newtown Shooting Survivor Sues Board of Ed for $100 Million

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Is this the action that will make our children safe?

Psychiatric Meds Helped Me Become a Better Person

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Dennis Scimeca looks back at the time before he started treating his bipolar disorder, and is grateful that his abusive, rage-filled self is far behind him.

Beyond False Promises of Safety – Helping Kids Cope With the Newtown Shooting

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Jodie Kliman, PhD offers ideas For Psychologists, Educators, and Parents of Children in an Unsafe World

President Obama Speaks in Newtown

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Words of hope, healing, and a pledge from the President of the United States.

Three Ways to Help Your Child Return to School After Newtown School Shooting

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Trauma specialist and Family Therapist Dr. Saliha Bava offers advice to parents after Newtown school shooting.

Three Strangers

Daft Punk

On a day already surreal, Saumya Arya Hass has chance encounters with three guys, all strangers. Three men, three different connections.

6 Ways to Help Your Child Understand the Newtown School Shooting

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Trauma specialist Dr. Saliha Bava offers advice on how to help children cope with the news of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.