How Greed Stopped the USFL’s Forward Progress


30 years ago an upstart football league tried to take on the NFL. All it got was $3.76. Just ask Donald Trump about it.

You Can Call Him Gay, Just Don’t Call Him Unfashionable

Ex-NFL Player Clinton Portis

Ex-NFL Player Clinton Portis doesn’t care if you call him gay, just don’t call him unfashionable.

Big Mac and the Redsk*ns: On Leadership and Sovereignty, Fumble and Fame

Navajo Code Talkers honored at a Redsk*ns game in November 2013 amidst calls for the team to stop using an ethnic slur for name.

TweetWhen I saw Peter MacDonald on television, still looking dapper and handsome at age 85 in a jaunty red scarf and Navajo Code Talker yellow velvet shirt standing on the sidelines of the Washington Redsk*ns game the week of Thanksgiving I was shocked, but not surprised. He was with three other Navajo Code Talkers, and […]

Native Parents Petition NFL to End use of Racist Slurs & Mascots

Change Petition

Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry, a group of Native parents and their allies have created a petition calling for the end of the use of racial slurs and racist mascots in sports.

Top Ten Sports Rants for the Ages: Instant Classics of a Different Sort

GMP Sports Rant

Michael Kasdan gathers a Top Ten video playlist of classic sports rants from the NBA, MLB, NFL, and college sports.

A Tale of Two Realities: LGBTQ Rights and the International Community

gay rights

Tony Bucci on the real and serious contradictions the LGBTQ community face every day.

The Disgusting Revelations of The NFL’s Bullying Investigation


Michael Kasdan delves into the detailed factual accounts of the Investigative Report of the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin bullying incidents, and asks whether and why we must accept and condone crass boorish behavior from professional athletes.

Ray Lewis: On Greatness

ray lewis GMP quote

Former Ravens Linebacker, Ray Lewis, on building Greatness every day from the ground up.

The Yin and Yang of Being Straight or Gay


When Edie Weinstein is mistaken for a butch lesbian, it leads her to question the internalized homophobia we may all carry regardless of our sexual orientation.

Boys Shouldn’t Have to Be Boys


At least not in the way the NFL’s report on bullying in the Miami Dolphins’ locker room would seem to suggest. For all of their detailed description of the harassment Jonathan Martin endured, investigators still placed that behavior within a framework of stereotype that fosters it.

Thank You Mr. Hansen

thank you Mr. Hansen

Mark Boles would like to see an NFL team owner lead from the top.

Sportscaster Dale Hansen’s Flawless Takedown of Homophobia

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 8.49.50 PM

Sportscaster destroys the arguments of anyone who still can’t handle a gay NFL player.

Jon Stewart Wins the Internet Forever With His Response to Michael Sam Coming Out

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 5.09.08 PM

Kirsten Clodfelter gives a standing ovation to the men who are speaking up in support of Michael Sam—including the incredibly funny Jon Stewart.

What Do We Want for Our Children?

heroin, needle, drug

The tragic and untimely death of Philip Seymour Hoffman made a lot of people think. Larry Bernstein thought about the children.

The Best and Worst Reactions to Michael Sam’s Coming Out


Tweet — This post originally appeared at ThinkProgress By Travis Waldron Michael Sam, the University of Missouri defensive end who is projected to be taken on the second day of this year’s NFL Draft, came out as gay in an interview with ESPN and the New York Times on Sunday, a decision that could make […]

White Men Mess Up and All is Forgiven


Whether it’s drugs, thugs or a bruising football loss, the media find a way to forgive and forget.