The NFL and Painkillers, Another Developing Situation

NFL Shield - GMP

Mike Kasdan reports on the apparent next exposé of the NFL: abuse of painkillers.

Why Roger Goodell Needed to Punish Adrian Peterson to Save Himself

ad pet

After much debate and speculation, Commissioner Roger Goodell handed out the league’s punishment to Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

Tweets of the Day: Sports, Pipes, and a Fast Food World

tweets 11-19-14 runner

See what some of our writers are saying on Twitter!

The Example of Adrian Peterson: Where We Stand As a Society On Child Abuse

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Wai Sallas is thankful that this year’s Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice cases finally forced a broader national discourse – and the NFL to get tough – on crimes of domestic violence and child abuse

Today’s Feel Good Post on The National Football League! (NOW with 300% More Kittens!)

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Mike Kasdan has an NFL piece that will make you smile. And it has nothing to do with concussions, DEA investigations, domestic violence, or child abuse!

Ex-NFL Player Talks Brain Trauma, Greed and Blame: Part 2

49er team Good

In Part 2 of this interview, former 49’ers defensive tackle, George Visger, says he lost everything due to NFL-induced head trauma and offers common sense rule changes to protect NFL players going forward.

The Man Whose ‘Crusade Could Change Football Forever’ Speaks With Us About Concussions and the NFL

lucksevic - football-helmet

Mike Kasdan speaks with Jason Luckasevic, the lawyer who filed the concussions lawsuit against the NFL that is changing the way we think about the game.

Ex-NFL Player Talks Brain Trauma, Greed and Blame: Part 1


Former 49’ers defensive tackle, George Visger, talks about his hundreds of concussions, 9 emergency brain surgeries and “NFL bullsh*t”

Hmm. LeBron James Doesn’t Let *His* Children Play Football. Should You?

LBJ Football - GMP

The most high-profile athlete in the world doesn’t let his own children play football due to safety reasons.

Is the NFL’s Culture of Violence Causing a Crisis of American Masculinity?

nfl crisis of masculinity

Is what’s happening in the NFL causing a crisis of identity in the American male?

A Winning Play from the NFL

NFL Hussle

The NFL addresses domestic violence and abuse incidents involving their players.

Athletes’ ‘Killer Instinct’ – In Words. In Pictures. And In Your Face


Examining the masculinity of sport—and the meaning of the ‘killer instinct’—through the chilling words of NFL players, past and present.

Do the Hosts of “The Talk” Really Think a Woman Hitting a Man is OK?

the talk

Sure, it’s “just entertainment” but it is also a belief system that condones the abuse of men. Why do we think that is funny?

NFL Shoplifter: When Theft is Rewarded and Nonsense Ensues

Joseph Randle at Oklahoma State

Tor Constantino criticizes the nonsensical message to young NFL fans when a player admits to shoplifting, faces no consequences and is paid to tell kids not to steal.

The NFL Players Choir (Yes! They Have One!) Use Their Voices To Help Sick Kids

NFL Players Choir - GMP

Jackie Bledsoe Jr. sits down with the NFL Players Choir, who has partnered with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital to help kids like Markell Gregoire

Funny NFL: Sometimes “Father Like Son” Just Doesn’t Apply


What’s an NFL dad to do, when his toddler son picks two other “favorite” NFL players? Kick the boy out of the house of course…