How To Fix The National Football League

What if Roger Goodell got woke? A Wish List on how to fix football from friends and fans.

Inclusion, Democracy, and the Plant-Based Diet

In an era of resource depletion, climate change and political instability, now more than ever is the time for us to rethink our relationship with animals.

Talent Is More Important Than Morals

Terrible behavior and scandals continue to make headlines…then are quickly overlooked when someone is talented.

Thank You, 18

Jason Natzke’s love of football is inextricably linked with Peyton Manning.

Sports Fandom and Domestic Violence: A Drug Problem of a Different Nature

If sport is the opiate of the masses, then we have a major drug problem, argues British sports fan and Good Men Project contributor Stephen Graham.

5 Things Johnny Manziel Can’t Buy

What will Johnny Football do now?

My Super Bowl: The Good, Bad, and Sublime in Sports

Football, a game that is starting to evolve for the future.

The NFL’s Steve Weatherford: Super Fitness Role Model and Super Dad Role Model

As the world prepares for Super Bowl weekend, Matt Sweetwood interviews NFL’s Steve Weatherford!

Calling a Time Out from the NFL

Wai Sallas on the failures of the NFL and why we won’t be watching the Superbowl this year.

Why This Fan Gave Up the NFL for a Year

Tracy Cipolla’s open letter to the NFL reminds us of the things that really matter off the field.

Dabbin’ On the Field: Why Are People So Outraged by Cam Newton’s Antics?

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton seems to polarize football fans more than most current players. David Saunders examines why as he attempts to put his celebrations into perspective.

Native Americans are Still Facing Racism and the Effects Aren’t Pretty

Multiple psychological studies have empirically shown Native mascots harm the self-esteem of Native youth and indoctrinate racial stereotypes in non-Native children.

No More Cowboys vs. Indians NFL

Since 1960 the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington NFL team have enjoyed a rivalry that Sports Illustrated has called “one of the greatest in sports.” Now, Native American “Not Your Mascot” activists are speaking back to the NFL and its outdated “Cowboys and Indians” show.

‘Concussion’ Is Not the NFL’s Two Minute Warning CTE Families Hoped For

Kimberly Archie’s 24 year old son died from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy from playing football. Here is her poignant review of the movie Concussion, in theaters tomorrow.

Concussion: Making the Game, and Life, Better

In this film Dr. Omalu shares truths that have the potential to improve the quality of life for athletes and the rest of us as well.

A Dear John Letter to the NFL

One man breaks up with the sport he used to love.