Why This Fan Gave Up the NFL for a Year

Tracy Cipolla’s open letter to the NFL reminds us of the things that really matter off the field.

Dabbin’ On the Field: Why Are People So Outraged by Cam Newton’s Antics?

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton seems to polarize football fans more than most current players. David Saunders examines why as he attempts to put his celebrations into perspective.

Native Americans are Still Facing Racism and the Effects Aren’t Pretty

Multiple psychological studies have empirically shown Native mascots harm the self-esteem of Native youth and indoctrinate racial stereotypes in non-Native children.

No More Cowboys vs. Indians NFL

Since 1960 the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington NFL team have enjoyed a rivalry that Sports Illustrated has called “one of the greatest in sports.” Now, Native American “Not Your Mascot” activists are speaking back to the NFL and its outdated “Cowboys and Indians” show.

‘Concussion’ Is Not the NFL’s Two Minute Warning CTE Families Hoped For

Kimberly Archie’s 24 year old son died from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy from playing football. Here is her poignant review of the movie Concussion, in theaters tomorrow.

Concussion: Making the Game, and Life, Better

In this film Dr. Omalu shares truths that have the potential to improve the quality of life for athletes and the rest of us as well.

A Dear John Letter to the NFL

One man breaks up with the sport he used to love.

Cam Newton Inspired me to Dance Again #KeepDancingCam

Cam Newton, the dancing Panther, has inspired a meme of celebratory dancing that is sending shockwaves through social media

The New England Patriots’ Joyful Tackler

How Chandler Jones brought glee back to the gridiron.

Calling All Heroes: An Open Letter To The Men Of The NFL

These aren’t your standard comic book heroes. Do they have a responsibility to work for the betterment of all?

Can Friday Night Lights Survive the NFL?

For high schoolers, football can be a proud badge of being human. So how do we keep that and yet acknowledge the toll of brain injuries in the NFL? Jessicah Lahitou explores the issues.

WORST Of The NFL Week 3 [Rams Pyrotechnics FAIL, Joe Philbin And…Fans?]

These guys share some of the worst moments of the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers Wasn’t Always The Man We See Today

From being a normal college kid who studied hard, didn’t care about being the big man on campus, and left dishes in the sink, to NFL hero and inspiring human being.

Gentlemen, There’s Nothing Wrong With Having Skinny Arms or Legs

If we are to demand equality of the sexes, then we must demand better for women AND men.

Crazy About The NFL and MLB?

Crazy about the NFL and Major League Baseball? October 4 will be one of the best sports days of the year.

Making Changes to the Way We Look at the Game: CallingAnAudible.com

There’s a new game in town. CallingAnAudible.com gives you an inside look at sports—right here on The Good Men Project. — Come inside, the show’s about to start. It’s guaranteed to blow your head apart.  Come see the show, it’s a dynamo. That’s right, we’re now “Calling An Audible.” By Mike Dittelman Sports Fans, listen […]