Making The Ultimate Sacrifice . . . For The Seahawks


Super dedicated fan Shawn Henfling is working on an unconventional way to guarantee a Seahawks win in the Super Bowl

Deflate-gate, Marshawn’s Boots and Sherman’s Mouth: Super Bowl XLIX Through the Eyes of an Aussie Sports Fan


Recently moved to New York with his family, avid Australian sports fan David Saunders takes a look at his first “in-situ” Super Bowl.

Hey Beast Mode: It’s Time to Grow Up


Michael Stilley explains why it’s time for Seattle Seahawks star running back, Marshawn Lynch, to quit the bad behavior when it comes to the NFL and the media and just grow up.

The Evolution of Media Day: The Top 5 Media Day Moments

Media Day

Today, Crazy gets its own day during Super Bowl Week. Media day has become a spectacle almost as big as the game itself. Here at the Good Men Project we don’t just look at the quotes or the personalities that highlight the event. We look at the evolution. Here are the Top 5 Moments from Media Day that have created the spectacle we have today.

Not Just the NFL: We’re All Playing the Hurry-up Offense

Andre Reed

Modern life moves fast. But is it time to start making adjustments to how we’re playing the game?

Top 5 Reasons I Hate Tom Brady


Is he the best? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean we have to like him.

So . . . This Happened: Three Things in Sports (Jan. 26, 2015 Edition)


As we head into Super Bowl Week, our Monday sports round-up features Duke’s Coach K notching his 1000th win, our special Deflate-gate/BallGhazi coverage, and phenom Nick Krygios taking the Australian Open by storm, plus bonus Pro Bowl Coverage (now with 200% less relevance!)

He Said What? Bad Lip Reading of the NFL (video)


Have you ever wondered what the guys on the field are saying during games…and before… after?

Why I Really Want a Pete Carroll Jersey


How one woman who lives in a big Football city found the same relationship between herself and a coach that many feel between themselves and a player.

The Friday Sports Dump – Welcome to Deflatopolis


From the Pacific Northwest to Down Under, The Friday Sports Dump will traverse the world to give you the good, the bad and the deflated.

“A Sad Day, Indeed, for Patriots’ Fan”


Nathan Graziano is a Patriots fan. And Deflate-gate leaves him a little unsettled.

So . . . This Happened: Three Things in Sports (Jan. 19, 2015 Edition)


Our Monday sports round-up features the epic Green Bay collapse in Seattle, New England pasting the not-ready-for-their-closeup-yet Colts, and King James hating on his coach.

The Casual Spectator: NFC and AFC Championship Game Previews


Casual Spectator previews this weekend’s NFC and AFC Championship games: what you need to know.

How to Fan the Flames of Your Relationship…And Watch All Five Football Games This Weekend

young couple kissing

Do want to increase the fire that burns between you and your loved one? Do you want to do it without sacrificing the desire to watch the NFL Divisional Playoff games and Monday’s College Football National Championship game? This is your step-by-step guide to doing both.

Casual Spectator: This Weekend’s NFL Divisional Round 


This weekend’s football preview is brought to you by Casual Spectator, a super-simple sports newsletter for people who are too busy to always keep up with sports.

From the Front Lines….of Sports: The One that Got Away


Vincent Pugliese photographs some of the greatest moments in Sports. This time, passion got in the way of the lens.