NFL Player Made the Ultimate Fantasy Team by Drafting Real People Who Make a Difference


Stevie Johnson stays sassy on twitter.

Bill Simmons Getting a Longer Suspension Than Ray Rice Shows Everything Wrong With Society


Let’s have a look at where the NFL really stands.

R*dskins, why only Native American Opinions Matter!


Negative words are powerful and can and do cause substantial irreparable damage. Changing the name of the team is a win-win for all.

#FreeBillSimmons: ESPN’s Wrongful Suspension of Bill Simmons For Criticizing Goodell

simmons - GMP

Doug Zeigler is outraged: ESPN’s suspension of Simmons for *gasp* criticizing Roger Goodell and the NFL is longer than Goodell’s original suspension of Ray Rice!

Video Fun: Our Top Twelve Funniest Sports Commercials EVER

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Michael Kasdan brings you the funniest sports-themed commercials of all time! From Peyton Manning’s “Cut that meat!” to Glavine and Maddux’s “Chicks dig the long ball.”

Raising My Daughter To Be a Sports Fan

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Matthew Osgood shares his struggle with how to pass on his love of sports to his daughter, in a world where many athletes are not role models.

The NFL Has Great Guys Too


Justin Ricklefs profiles Andy Studebaker of the Indianapolis Colts, one of the sports true good guys

3 Ways to Make Your Kids Tough Enough for Football

jackie - cover

Jackie Bledsoe, Jr. explains that being mentally strong is where toughness and confidence come from,in youth football and in life

Choosing Discipline Over Punishment


Tor Constantino is sharing an episode of abuse from his past in the wake of the recent arrests of two NFL players on child abuse charges.

Roger S. Goodell, Will You Please Go Now?

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Mike Stilley’s open letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: It’s time to step down.

Adrian Peterson, Child Abuse, And Why It Doesn’t Matter If That’s How You Were Raised

photo by wwworks

People who were raised with corporal punishment and say “But I came out just fine” are wrong, writes Aaron Gouviea. Those people did not turn out “just fine” because they still think that using weapons against a child and beating them bloody is acceptable behavior.

NFL Player Adrian Peterson Texted about Whipping a Four Year Old


Yahoo Sports is reporting the Vikings player tweeted about the whipping he gave a four year old.

I Can’t Write About Football

I Cant Write About Football photo by COD Newsroom

Aaron W. Voyles examines how the situations with the NFL impact the men he educates.

Unapologetically Loving Football

NFL screen

“I won’t shy away from the bad with ignorance, but I also won’t minimize the good simply because that’s what the national conversation is saying I should do.”

Why Hitting Women and Children is Not What Men Do, Period!

Domestic Violence

Abusing loved ones only teaches that bigger, stronger people can hurt smaller, weaker people. MEN don’t do that!

Football’s Fatal Flaw

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Why football’s inherent violence makes it esthetically corrupt— and downright un–American.