Why Women Always Friend Zone You

Welcome. You'll have lots of company.

Marzena Bielecka has some ideas about how to keep from getting “Friend Zoned”…over and over.

Why Was Complimenting a ‘Tough Guy’ So Tough?

Nothing can train you for saying 'Thank you'.

Heather Gray just wanted to say ‘Thank you’. It took her four weeks to say those words.

How To Reform a Creeper

“Good to know.”

You need to understand what makes a creeper creepy.

Sometimes Nice Guys Finish First: Why Girls Aren’t Always Looking For The ‘Bad Boy’

nice guys

Brian Carter with some positive words for the nice guys.

Finding Strength Through Vulnerability

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Harris O’Malley explains how traditional masculinity demands that men be out of touch with their emotions, and how damaging that can be to your relationships.

Sometimes Being a Nice Guy Makes You Into a Jerk


Nate Bagley is giving up being a nice guy in favor of being a better, more honest partner.

5 Ways to Avoid Becoming A So-Called ‘Nice Guy’


Jordan Gray offers tips and strategies to help you avoid being a manipulator in your relationships.

What’s He Want? How Different Groups of Guys Think About Dating and Sex

3 roses by pernillarydmark resized

Andrew Smiler profiles young men’s three most common ways of thinking about dating and hooking up.

Nice Guys vs. Bad Boys: We’ve Got to Talk About This Differently

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Veronica Grace has some thoughts to add to the ongoing discussion of Nice Guys vs. Bad Boys.

Save Your Marriage By Saying Nothing


Steve Horsmon’s simple solution for saving a marriage: sometimes you have to shut up.

Take it Like a Man

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Doctor NerdLove understand that being shot down sucks. But you have two choices: bitch and moan, or deal with it like a man.*

Attn: Sleeping Means No

image by tobyotter

A response by Amelia Harnish to a controversial post about rape.

What if the ‘Nice Guys of OK Cupid’ is Harming Innocent People?

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Joanna Schroeder has known a lot of Nice Guys™ and understands the frustration and fear women feel as a result, but believes the bullying and humiliation happening on Nice Guys of OK Cupid is out of line.

The Appeal of “Bad Boys”

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Doctor NerdLove explains that what makes a “bad boy” so appealing isn’t his badness – it’s something even nice guys can do, too.

Nice Guys Again


Nice Guys, this time with CURTAINS.

The Second Meditation on Nice Guys

Detail From  A Dead Sea Scroll

Tweet [Previous posts in this series: one. Responding to Yvain's Meditations on assorted social-justice-y and dating topics, which can be found here if you scroll down a bit.] Nice Guys are one of the few topics guaranteed like circumcision and feminism to get people to argue. Seriously, post about the prison-industrial complex and there are two […]