Finding Supermen and Superwomen

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Lauded educator Nicholas Ferroni wants YOU to help him raise attention for the nation’s best teachers – the ones who changed your life, and made you who you are today.

I Have Only One Thing to Say to Jeff Bliss, the Kid Who Criticized His Teacher on YouTube

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As a nationally-recognized educator, who takes his profession very seriously, Nicholas Ferroni goes on record as supporting Jeff Bliss’ rant against his teacher.

How to Truly Evaluate a Teacher

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How do you define greatness in a teacher? Nicholas Ferroni insists it’s about caring, empowerment and commitment – not standardized tests.

I Spent the Entire Day With Lance Bass and Now I’m… Still Straight

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Nicholas Ferroni does some homophobic myth-busting.

Why Straight Educators Must Support the LGBT Cause

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Nicholas Ferroni explains to one of his students why he, as a straight man, supports LGBT rights—and why it doesn’t embarrass him to be asked if he’s gay.

I Was Born a Sinner

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People tried to change Nicholas Ferroni, believing that the way he was born would make life harder. Fortunately, he came to accept himself the way God made him.

Does America Owe Its Military to a Gay Man?

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In considering the history of the United States, Nicholas Ferroni feels it is crucial to remember that one of our founding military fathers—a man who has statues, stadiums and parades in his honor—was most likely gay.

We Teach Racism, Sexism and Discrimination in School

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Nicholas Ferroni wants us to look at “what” we teach along with “how”.