He was a Gay Man

When you deprive language of its freedom to be somewhat slippery, squishy, and imprecise, you deprive it, as well, of its talismanic power to illuminate the world around us.

Thank God for the Inconsistency of Men! 

Shockingly consistent Abraham was ready and willing to sacrifice his own son. The horrific scene is depicted in Caravaggio’s “Sacrificio de Isaac”

Trading Hope for Action

Let’s live as if we appreciate the others in our lives, human and otherwise.

Hope is Hopeless: On the Dangers of Hopium

Professor Guy McPherson on transforming abstract hope into concrete action.

The Emasculation of Walter White

Who was ‘Breaking Bad’s’ real hero?

Expressing Our Humanity As We Drown It

Dr. Guy McPherson believes incompetence defines the human experience. Can we save ourselves from ourselves?

Masculinity and Fitspiration

Extreme training is for extreme athletes…and so is extreme motivation, argues powerlifter N.C. Harrison.

Diagnosing Our Despair: Depression in Modern Man

Nassir Ghaemi looks at the complexity of depression to help unearth some simple frameworks to help people develop “the courage to hope.”

Meanings of Manu

Manu Ginobili shook out of his slump to help the Spurs within a game of the NBA Championship. Here, Yago Colas discusses the Argentine’s unique style of play within the racial, economic and political context of the global game basketball has become.

Steubenville Will Keep Happening … Until We Change This

We can’t address rape culture without taking a long, hard look at our war culture.

Shame and Violence: The Connecticut School Shooting and Hate

Tragedy comes from repressed shame, not from being too permissive with people.


‘You dare to stare into such a friend’ … A poem by Daniel Lee Fee.

Why Stuff White People Like is Something I Don’t

Plenty of white people found something to love about the hit website Stuff White People Like. Oliver Lee Bateman wasn’t one of them.

A Snob’s Guide to Watching Football

Paul Henne is not remotely interested in football, but he has a plan to still get invited to Sunday afternoon parties with his friends.