5 Ways to Hack Your Nightmares

Bad dreams are uncomfortable, but there are ways to beat them.

The Good Side Of Bad Dreams

Do your bad dreams about your boss stress you out? Well, they may actually have a positive effect on your mental health.

Expert Offers Solutions For Children’s Nightmares

Are your kids’ nightmares keeping you up at night?

“It’s an amazing thing to discover the child you once were is still there.”

This comment is by Luke Davis on the post I Was That Boy. I Am This Man. I wrote a poem about much the same thing. Its an amazing thing to discover the child you once were is still there and still as awesome as he once was. Where is that boy There is a […]

Another Morning in the Zendo

Nightmares of betrayal leave me with a sense of distrust and sadness.

On Pipes, Porcelain and The Boogie Man

How Trevor Ellestad learned to deal with his demons.

F*ck Club

“The first rule about F*ck Club is: you don’t blog about F*ck Club.”

The Masks We Wear

  Editor’s note: We apologize, but this article has been removed at the request of the author. For more articles about and by male survivors, please see the following links. Christopher M Anderson 1 in 6 David Pittman Robert Brown Levi Greenacres Also see our section on Trauma and Recovery

Dreams and Visions: On Being a Man

Dave Sanfacon remains a father and a husband through his visions of his worst self.

#38: Nightmares

“What 33 year old is too afraid to sleep alone?”