‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds’


Two worlds in chaos, and a new villain comes into the picture who wants to wreak havoc on Hyrule and Lorule. Jay Snook reviews The Legend of Zelda’s new game.

‘Super Mario 3D Land’ A New Take on a Classic Adventure


This game has amazing graphics, tough boss battles, and is a must play for all Mario fans.

Nintendo Says No to Gay Tomodachis


Nintendo stands firm: no same sex marriage in life sim. Alex Yarde wonders why.

Nintendo Can’t Take the Gay Out of Gaming Without a Fight


Tomodachi Life: make friends, fall in love, but stay straight.

First Love: Score

Memories of a beanbag...and so much more.

Scott Heydt recalls a first for him when he was 12 years old.

Juggling Real and Online Life For Our Kids


In a world where we become more and more dependent on technology, Doug Zeigler tries find an equilibrium between the real and online worlds for his children.

Open Thread: Best Childhood Toy


However many or however few toys you had, you know there was one that stood out.

In Defense of My Husband’s Gaming

Good Men Project, Duck Hunt, gaming, gaming couples, gaming together, Halo, JRPGs, Little Big Planet, marriage, married to a gamer, MMOs. Nintendo. Ratchet and Clank, RPG, Smash brothers, Video Games, Wendy Zamora

People warned Wendy Zamora that falling in love with a gamer was a big mistake. All these years later, she’s glad she didn’t listen.

Dad Hacks Donkey Kong So Daughter Can Save Mario

donkey kong

When his three year old daughter wanted to save Mario instead of Pauline, Mike Mika decided to make that happen.

My 2 Year Old Is Addicted to Video Games

baby's first ipad

Stay at home dad Chris Bernholdt carefully screens games before playing them with his kids. What could go wrong?

“But I Know It’s Not Real!” – Kids, Video Games and Guns


Samuel Sattin introduces a new generation to the latest in violent video games, and realizes that much has changed since the days of Zelda and Duck Hunt.

Greatest Video Games Ever: The Confusing History of Super Mario Brothers 2


With its garish graphics and bizarre battles, Super Mario Brothers 2 seemed to come out of nowhere. Video game expert Nathan White discusses its curious, confusing origins.

Man Sells Video Game Collection for $1.2 Million

Screen Shot 2012-07-14 at 9.47.22 PM

You knew saving all your old Nintendo games would pay off!

Greatest Video Games Ever: How Secret of Mana Perfected the Action RPG


Video game expert Nathan White explains why Square’s Secret of Mana, not Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda, represents the pinnacle of action RPG development.

The Ten Best Movie/TV Nintendo Games (not made by Capcom)


Vintage gaming expert Nathan White takes us on a walk down nostalgia lane, examining ten Nintendo adaptations that weren’t completely awful

Culture: Feds Want Ways To Hack Video Game Consoles [@akilshohen]

Johnny Law thinks there’s evidence in your console, and they wanna way to get it out!