Mastering The Game: What Video Games Can Teach Us About Success in Life


Can video games teach success strategies to children and adults? Jonathan Harrison is betting a book on it.

Could the ‘The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’ be the Best Zelda Game Ever?


A game with a new villain, new weapons and an unlikely ally.

‘Metroid Prime: Echoes’ Samus Aran Returns Stronger Than Ever

Echoes 4 cropped

This new world is split into two parts, and each has its own difficulties and challenges.

‘Super Mario Galaxy’ A Crazy Outer-Space Adventure

Mario Galaxy 5 cropped

Jay Snook reviews Super Mario Galaxy!

‘The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’ Nintendo’s Epic Adventure Returns

Skyward Sword 3 cropped

Jay Snook Reviews: A return to the land of Hyrule, but with a new villain who will stop at nothing to bring destruction to this land.

‘Metroid Prime’ A New Adventure on a Strange World


Jay Snook says this this game is full of old enemies, a new threat and more dangers for Samus Aran than ever before.

Positivity Amid My Nightmare

Shane Burcaw, Laughing at My Nightmare

Shane Burcaw is often asked, “How do you remain so positive?” For him, it involves perspective, focus, and a Crabby Jar.

‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds’


Two worlds in chaos, and a new villain comes into the picture who wants to wreak havoc on Hyrule and Lorule. Jay Snook reviews The Legend of Zelda’s new game.

‘Super Mario 3D Land’ A New Take on a Classic Adventure


This game has amazing graphics, tough boss battles, and is a must play for all Mario fans.

Nintendo Says No to Gay Tomodachis


Nintendo stands firm: no same sex marriage in life sim. Alex Yarde wonders why.

Nintendo Can’t Take the Gay Out of Gaming Without a Fight


Tomodachi Life: make friends, fall in love, but stay straight.

First Love: Score

Memories of a beanbag...and so much more.

Scott Heydt recalls a first for him when he was 12 years old.

Juggling Real and Online Life For Our Kids


In a world where we become more and more dependent on technology, Doug Zeigler tries find an equilibrium between the real and online worlds for his children.

Open Thread: Best Childhood Toy


However many or however few toys you had, you know there was one that stood out.

In Defense of My Husband’s Gaming

Good Men Project, Duck Hunt, gaming, gaming couples, gaming together, Halo, JRPGs, Little Big Planet, marriage, married to a gamer, MMOs. Nintendo. Ratchet and Clank, RPG, Smash brothers, Video Games, Wendy Zamora

People warned Wendy Zamora that falling in love with a gamer was a big mistake. All these years later, she’s glad she didn’t listen.

Dad Hacks Donkey Kong So Daughter Can Save Mario

donkey kong

When his three year old daughter wanted to save Mario instead of Pauline, Mike Mika decided to make that happen.