The Proper Way To Share Your Junk

“You keep it classy, San Diego.” Ron Burgundy, Anchorman

I Don’t Want to Be Her S&Master

A guy wonders how to handle his girlfriend who wants to have a master/slave relationship. Josie and Eli call in Noah Brand for a third opinion from inside the world of kink.

Why is the Moustache Club of America on the Good Men Project?

The Moustache Club of America is now appearing on The Good Men Project. What’s up with that?

The Good Men Project Combines Forces with Other Top Blogs About Men

The Good Men Project joins with “No Seriously, What About Teh Menz” and other blogs that are seriously (or amusingly) about, by and for men.

Good Men Project Names Noah Brand New Editor-In-Chief

“I want to make the Good Men Project the primary voice for issues of men and masculinity in our culture.” — Noah Brand

Robin Hood and The Success Myth: How Fairy Tales Damage Men

Noah Brand explains how our culture tell us that the rich powerful people are the ones who really matter, and we could be among them if we were good enough… but we’re not.

Are You A Failure If You’re Not Rich?

Noah brand explores an industry that capitalizes on men’s need to feel successful, even when they can’t afford it.