Guitars for Vets Heals Military PTSD With Music

As we enter PTSD Awareness Month this June, one non-profit organization is dedicated to supporting veterans with the strings of a guitar.

A Humbling Journey: Supporting Men Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse

Steve LePore, founder of 1in6, reflects on how his organization has impacted men and their wellbeing.

Your Wishes Delivered: Mr Brown’s Books

See how one remarkable man is giving back & making wishes come true.

Why The NFL and Other Professional Sports Don’t Deserve Nonprofit Status

Why did the NFL give up its non-profit status and why was it a non-profit to begin with?

Transforming Nightmares to Dreams Through Service

I was a sophomore in college and a fairly self-centered person. What I have learned is that life is about doing good for others.

How To Make A Family Happen

Ken Goldstein shares with us a video and story emphasizing the good that comes from foster care and adoption. He encourages us to share this movement.

Using Water Resources to Empower People and Economies

Ned Breslin shares what he’s learned about empowering local economies through 20 years of service in Africa.

Supporting Youth and Preventing Suicide

Dave Anderson talks about the biggest challenges around supporting troubled teens and young adults.

Engaging Future Activists Through Study Abroad Programs

Travel to explore new cultures will change your life. Here’s a social entrepreneur using it to build leadership.

Young Men Want to Matter- Here’s How

Handshakes can change the world.

Protecting The Environment By Tearing Down The Old

Audubon’s ‘Toyota Together Green’ programme is building bridges in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

When You Grow Up Without a Car, You Don’t Take Them for Granted

Fred Goodall grew up without a car, and knows how hard it can be to accomplish your goals without a vehicle. Sponsored by Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good.

Anchored to Abuse: The Journey from Statistic to Survivor

Nannette Ricaforte shows how domestic violence can use fear and hope as magnets.

Father Helps Kids Get to Chemo

In the wake of his son’s death, Richard Nares started an organization to help low-income families get their children to chemotherapy.

Ten Things I’ve Learned From Mail-Outs

Josh Bowman has licked his share of envelopes, applied his share of stamps, and affixed his share of labels. Here are some of the things he has learned from putting together mailings.

Ten things I’ve learned from the missteps of Susan G. Komen For The Cure

A health organization that partners with a fast food chain has its priorities out of whack. In the case of Susan G. Komen For The Cure, a choice like that can lead to very poor optics in the media. A non-profit executive’s salary should be at least somewhat commensurate to a similar position in the […]