For Black Men Who Seek Greatness When Doing Good Isn’t Enough

Black men City Hall

BMe Community is accepting nominations for the 2014 BMe Leadership Award. Do you know a few good black men?

I Rejected The Idea of a Mentor, Now I am One


BMe Leader Lewis Colson, now 66, wasn’t thrilled about having a mentor as a young man. As his life went on, he realized mentoring was a necessity.

Mentor of Chicago Girl Who Died After Performing for Obama Speaks Out


Richard Taylor used to feel as if he failed Hadiya Pendleton, because as her mentor he couldn’t stop the bullet. Now he realizes he failed the young killers.

UNICEF Tackles Slacktivism


How can nonprofits best make use of the watered down altruism of slacktivism?

Veterans Call to Community and Are Answered with Support

Purple Heart Homes

Purple Heart Homes builds accessible homes for disabled American veterans from all eras.

Man Released From Death Row After DNA Proves Innocence

Prison_GMP (588x353)

300 men have been exonerated, but how many more have been wrongly convicted?

NASCAR and Animal Rescue: An Interview With Greg Biffle


The Good Men Project’s Matthew Crowder talks with NASCAR star Greg Biffle about his life off the track, and his animal rescue operation.

Man of the Day: Khaled Abughazaleh

Khaled Abughazaleh

Maxillofacial surgeon Khaled Abughazaleh is part of the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, which works to provide free medical service to Palestinian children and sends volunteer medical missions to the Middle East.

Man of the Day: Ed Patuto

courtesy of  ed patuto

Patuto is the new executive director of ISSUE Project Room, “a rare opportunity for artists to go beyond the norm.”

Man of the Day: Ben Schumaker

courtesy of Ben Schumaker

Ben Schumaker can do a hundred pushups and once beat up a machete-wielding thief. But it’s his art initiative, the Memory Project, that makes him our Man of the Day.

Man of the Day: Gerald Chertavian

photo via

“A good man is well rounded and takes responsibility for the various roles that he plays.”

Man of the Day: Daniel Ben-Horin


Like many of this generation’s most successful businessmen, Daniel Ben-Horin foresaw the Internet tech boom.