How Has Martin Luther King, Jr. Inspired You?

A man asked his friends this simple question on social media and the responses are both eye-opening and heartwarming.

The Transformation of a Warrior Behind Bars

Anthony Johnson, nonviolence trainer, on life in — and after — prison: “I’m sick of seeing people die. I’m tired of losing loved ones. I don’t want to die on the streets.”

Teaching Our Children to Love Their Enemies

We can raise a whole generation of children who have the capacity to embody what all the great sages have instructed us: Love thy enemy.

Am I Demanding Violence?

Nonviolent protest has a place, but not in self defense.

You Can’t Depoliticize Nelson Mandela

It’s okay to talk about Nelson Mandela’s politics, because you can’t really understand his life and times without discussing them.

Today is International Gandhi Day 2013

The annual letter from Arun Gandhi on the occasion of the International Day of Nonviolence.

Book Review of “American Honor Killings: Desire and Rage Among Men”

David McConnell explores manhood through a literary lens akin to Capote’s “In Cold Blood.”

I’m an American Living in Israel and I’m going to Jail Rather Than Join the Israeli Defense Forces

Moriel Rothman is refusing to serve in the IDF an act of protest against what he sees as an unjust and evil system. Here is his story.

Measuring My Manhood: Faith and Machismo

The Registered Runaway compares himself to the “macho Christian” image some pastors espouse, and finds neither he nor Jesus Christ measure up.

A Mission to the Venice of the Amazon

Welcome to Belen, where the poorest of the poor float for half the year on the floodplains of the Amazon.

Cesar Chavez: A Model of Men’s Nonviolence

“Nonviolence is not inaction.”