Foreign Policy to #DemDebate: Bring Me Back

One major issue that has been MIA in 2016 debates is foreign policy; but voters deserve to know how Democrats will confront the many international crises now threatening global security.

What if ‘The Interview’ Scandal Was the Greatest Marketing Ploy in History?

Chris Osterndorf thinks there may be something more to this controversy with ‘The Interview’ than meets the eye.

‘The Interview’ Has a Smart Argument That Deserves Respect

Matthew Rozsa watched “The Interview” twice and found a serious message under the mask of comedy.

Does Sony’s Fear Know No Bounds?

Matthew Rozsa is mad as hell that Sony pulled ‘The Interview.’ But he’s equally horrified by the company’s racist attitudes.

Quiet Survival: A Story of Detainment

Erin Kelly recounts the story of Jeffrey Fowle and two other Americans who were recently detained in North Korea.

Kim Jong Un Saves the Internet

With a stunning lack of geopolitical savvy, James Stafford points out what we can learn from ‘Haircut’s’ most recent temper tantrum.

Korean Orphans and Empathetic Art

“I always bring a pad of paper and pen to meetings. I start to doodle in order to stay focused. “ By the end of the meeting, he realized that he had drawn the Korean orphan without consciously making the decision to do so.

Human Rights in North Korea: The Implications of the Kirby Report

We’ve heard about the atrocities in North Korea. Where do we go from here?

Dennis Rodman Wasn’t Completely Wrong

Dennis Rodman went ballistic in a CNN interview about his exhibition in North Korea. Here’s three reasons why some of what he said made sense.

US Man Held in North Korea Hospitalized

45-year-old Kenneth Bae, an American citizen detained in North Korea for the last 9 months, has been transferred from the labor camp he has been being held at to the hospital according to his family.

Navy Vet Returns to North Korea For Body of Comrade Who Died 60 Years Ago

60 years after his plane was shot down during the Korean War, the Navy’s first black pilot may be coming home.

Australian Backpacker Rescues Family from North Korea (VIDEO)

In 2009, Dick Stolp helped Hyeonseo Lee and her family escape from North Korea; watch Lee’s TED Talk and see their emotional reunion.

Fear in Watertown

“Love, Recorded” during one crazy week in the Boston area. Was the fear the same for everyone?

“I’m focused on our culture’s collective beliefs about men’s incapacity to understand women.” An Interview with Brandon W. Jones

Caroline Leavitt talks to Brandon W. Jones about All Woman and Springtime, being a major success as a debut author, North Korea, men writing about women, obsessions and so much more.

We Ignore Human Rights Violations in North Korea [OpEd]

Anonymous is hacking North Korean computers and Ian Bremmer says they should be discouraged. Christian Coleman says we can’t ignore the atrocities anymore.

AFP: US Strategy Takes Korean Crisis Into New Territory

Soaring tensions on the Korean peninsula have seen dire North Korean threats met with an unusually assertive US response that analysts warn could take a familiar game into dangerous territory.