The Four Just Men


Vigilantes? Maybe. But the Four Just Men are civilized. They even tell their targets the date they’re going to die.

Leaving Berlin


One of the greatest spy novels of our lifetime, and no, it’s not James Bond.

Why Everyone Should Write


Everyone is a writer, or at least they should be

Excerpt from THE KEPT

Kept PB Cover

“Elspeth Howell was a sinner.” By James Scott

Rogue Male


We fear the unaffiliated terrorist, the lone wolf who looks like us, lives in our neighborhoods and waits for an opportunity to kill us. It was simpler in the old days, and simplest of all in “Rogue Male,” the story of a man who decides to kill the biggest target in the world. Jesse Kornbluth reviews.

Fifth Business


Enough reality for one week. Fiction beckons…


Shattered by Sam Galison

A wife falls apart, a marriage is broken, and a husband tries to pick up the pieces.

Why Father’s Day Is Important: An Interview with Dr. David Andrews

Why Father’s Day Is Important: An Interview with Dr. David Andrew

Dr. David Andrews discusses the origins of his new novel “My Father’s Day Gift,” the significance of Father’s Day as a holiday, and his advice for new fathers.

This Is Rage 9: Show Me Your Bulls


Internet Radio phenomenon Kimo Balthazer is up to his tricks again, posting on his site: Bad News: EnvisionInk Does Not Seem to Want Choy & Finkelman Back, Good News: Here is a Picture of Ben & Jerry, Zoom & Spread Viral

Father’s Family House Sets Drama for Son’s Novel


Writer Chris L. Terry explores the troubled setting where his debut novel Zero Fade is set, which is where he learned about adulthood and masculinity.

This Is Rage 7: The House Checks and Raises


This is how CEO’s bicker: “Surely your plan can’t be that easy,” says Choy. “Compared to being shot dead in the next two hours, I’d call it a plan worth trying,” replied Finkelman.

This Is Rage 6: Live From the Boulevard of Broken Dreams


“There is only one Kimo Balthazer. One mouth in a billion.” Kimo’s show, This Is Rage, discusses the kidnapping of Choy and Finkelman, and Kimo gets some inside info from his audience.

This Is Rage 5: No Such Thing as CEO School


Being a CEO of a major corporation is an almost impossible job. When your kidnappers have to call into your Board of Directors meeting on your behalf, it’s just another day at the office.

This Is Rage 4: Let’s Get Small


“Discretionary cash was in short supply, and along with it, discretion.” Part 4 of the serialization of This Is Rage by Ken Goldstein.

This Is Rage 3: Never Bet Against the Bozos


Hoodie One had a name, it was Dennis Swerlow. Hoodie Two had one as well, it was Sam Kisinski. Together they had to decide what to do with a botched kidnapping and two hostages.

This Is Rage 1: In Tres Partes Divisa Est


“Silicon Valley parties are notoriously dour.” So begins This is Rage. We will be serializing the book, chapter by chapter. This is chapter one.