Like Contaminated Water? PA,NY,WV,OH, are States for You!

With water pollution, toxic waste and earthquakes as by- products of fracking, should we not concentrate on renewable and clean energy?

“Global warming is the earth’s MOST pressing concern.”

This is a comment by Dan on the post “Warming Up To Global Warming”.

Cyber Warfare: Did Kids Recently Hack Iranian Nuclear Computers?

Cyber attack forced AC/DC’s Thunderstruck to play at top volume on Iranian nuclear facility computers.

The Future Is Ours: Video

If I’m part of the mechanism that lights a spark for just one person to effect change, it’s worth it.

News: @HannibalTabu Talks Tech and Culture on Sunday Morning Live [@isidra]

Tech tidbits and cultural commentary from the web’s most dangerous ne’er-do-well every week.

Security: Nuclear Material Could Be Traveling Down Your Street Right Now [@spodachozn1]

Hey, wanna find a nuclear weapon? Here’s a helpful map on where a lot of ’em are. Really.