A Dozen Women I Should Have Asked Out

How many missed opportunities before a guy gets the girl?

Life & Times Series: Part 1

Father Time presents: “Life & Times – Fathers and Their Views about Time” Featuring a real-life dad giving his take on time ◊♦◊ Randy S. (Idaho) Age: 34 Occupation: Department Manager in an ammunition manufacturing plant Status: Married with two daughters, ages 4 and 6 Wife is a full time RN, working night shift   […]

Healthy Men Need Healthy Role Models: Make Your Voice Heard!

Do you have something to say about Men’s Health?

Is There a (Male) Nurse in the House?

The best nurses are the ones who care, male or female.

Escalation In The Emergency Room: An All Too Common Occurrence.

Shawn Henfling responds to an unknown nurse’s treatment of a mentally ill young woman in an Emergency Room.

The First Time: Dad Demands Epidural

First-time dad Dustin Fisher hopes that his first childbirth doesn’t set the tone for the rest of his parenting life.

The Rise of Male Caregiving

Formally or informally, more and more men are taking care of those who need to be taken care of.

Snip Decision: Why I Had a Vasectomy

Jim Gray on the nitty-gritty details of his vasectomy, his experience of fatherhood, and how they go together.

Six Tips To Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies

Want your partner to willingly participate in your fantasies? It’s not as hard as you may think.

When Twins Come Early

Emergency C-Sections, anti-labor meds, and two premature sons. We were in for the worst six weeks of our lives.

Kaleidoscope Man and the Stealth Nurse

While volunteering at an urban medical center, Laura Novak thought she knew the score. She was wrong.

The Nurse’s family

I was charming, mellow and chill.  No really.  I was. That first date with The Nurse was amazing!  We had a ton of fun, there was some excellent flirting going on and she is an amazing kisser!  As we went our separate ways that Friday night we decided to get together Sunday afternoon. The two […]

The Nurse

More than an hour later I was up against the car and we were still kissing… It was a mostly sunny Tuesday afternoon.  I was on my laptop (at work) checking out Hotjobs and CareerBuilder when I received a new e-mail.  “XXXXXXXXX” has sent you a message”. I haven’t been back online dating for very […]