Is a Man’s Value Really Less if His Wife Outearns Him?

Time to invent a new value proposition.

Is There a (Male) Nurse in the House?

The best nurses are the ones who care, male or female.

3 Ways To Set Up Your Single Life For Success In Dating

Jordan Gray says that these three things hold you back from finding your dream partner.

3 Things Driven Men Need In A Partner

Jordan Gray says that everyone years for an emotionally fulfilling relationship… but driven people can often be the most reluctant to reach out for love.

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7 Things All Women Need In A Relationship

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How Can You Teach Them to Be Men?

Transman is raising two boys—as a solo transgender man. Here is what he says to people who don’t think he can raise sons since he is not a ‘real’ man.

The Rise of Male Caregiving

Formally or informally, more and more men are taking care of those who need to be taken care of.

“It is totally okay for men have close, loving relationships with other guys.”

This is a comment by Miguel on the post “Close Male Friendship Appreciation”.

The Poet as Archetype

The difference between being a male poet and being a gay man is that it has become increasingly acceptable to come out as gay.

Hidden Ashes: A Male Survivor’s Fear of Men

Men who are afraid of other men: you are not alone.

“How can we expect men to step up where no one taught them?”

This comment was from Tom B. on the post “All Children Are Born With Potential: A Talk with Wendy Foster of Big Brothers, Big Sisters.”

Hardwired to Nurture: What the New Testosterone Study Really Says About Men

Actually, this is news that a lot of fathers want to hear.

The Great Glass Escalator

(Much of the material for this post comes from David J. Maume Jr.’s 1999 work “Glass Ceilings and Glass Escalators,” because that’s the one in my Work Organization textbook. More recent citations gratefully accepted.) According to analysis of the PSID (Panel Study of Income Dynamics), a longitudinal study of a representative sample of American families, between 1989 and 1999, […]