What Men Can Learn from Photographer Bill Cinningham (1929-2016)

Quiet, unassuming, and always dedicated to the work, Bill Cunningham was the biggest name in Fashion and Fashion Photography for the past 60 years. We remember him.

Yankees v. Red Sox, The Rivalry. Still?

Coming off the Yankees vs. Red Sox opening series of 2015, a Red Sox fan and Yankee fan ponder the state of the rivalry.

Hope You Like Mountains of Snow, It’s the New Normal

Extreme weather seems here to stay—it’s getting worse and making our lives more difficult. Will we fight and defeat it, or accept it as the new normal?

Like Contaminated Water? PA,NY,WV,OH, are States for You!

With water pollution, toxic waste and earthquakes as by- products of fracking, should we not concentrate on renewable and clean energy?

Breaking News: Firefighters Shot At While Responding To A Fire

One injury, a spreading fire, and as yet a lot of unanswered questions.

Last Place

How do you come to love the place you call home?