A Minimalist in NYC


Leo Babauta asserts that you can be a minimalist anywhere. All you need to do is reject consumerism, and learn to be content with little.

A Dad Calls for Putting Christ Back Into Christmas — and He’s Not Kidding

nativity and boys

Gavin Lodge struggles between his liberal humanism and the worry that his son will just see Christmas as a materialistic free for all. He has decided that he needs to bring more Christ back into the mix.

Meir Kalmansan’s #BeAKidAgain Project: NYC, A Bed, and Jumping for Absolute Joy!

Kalmansan - GMP

Kalmansan’s latest social-video project rekindles the unbridled verve of childhood by tapping into the pure joy of bouncing on a bed . . . in the middle of New York City.

The Untold Stories of New York’s Homeless

The Untold Stories of NYs Homeless

Jonathan Hedvat’s video interviews for Storied.tv share the stories and words of New York City’s homeless community.

You Can’t Help But Smile When You Watch This Orthodox Jew High-Fiving New Yorkers Hailing Cabs


Meir Kalmansan is conducting a social experiment that seeks to break through the big city blues and connect with isolated New Yorkers. How? By giving unsuspecting strangers high-fives.

New York City Will Pay $10 Million to Settle Wrongful Conviction Case


Revelations about the prosecution of Jabbar Collins, who served 15 years for a murder he did not commit, helped to bring down longtime Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes.

Developing the Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs


Cheryl Heller created the first MFA program in Design for Social Innovation, and the first batch of alumni are already changing the world.

Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen: NYC Tourists of the Year


Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen, BFFs for life.

The Mixed Blessings of a Paradoxical Marriage


Why would a well-educated, professional, intelligent, resourceful and socially conscious woman stay in a marriage in which love and fear shared the same bed?

Finding Beauty While Living With Uncertainty


Orin Hahn talks with Artist Michael Alan about creating in the face of adversity.

11 Ways to get the Girl of your Dreams Even if You’re a Loser

Loser By Flickr.Jane

James Altucher shares his method for how to win at love when you’ve got nothing

Breaking Dad: Relating to Walter White

breaking, bad, dad, ron, mattocks

The character of Walter White did what he did for the survival of his family. Ron Mattocks wonders what lengths he must go to.

Bill Murray on the Last Time He Saw Gilda Radner


Here’s one way to say goodbye.

Lemon Laws: Activist Calls Out CNN Anchor for Endorsement of Stop and Frisk

Lemon Laws2

While Twitter continues to storm Don Lemon for his controversial endorsement of an act deemed unconstitutional, an angry activist – fed up with Lemon’s destructive comments about blacks – recalls when the embattled CNN Anchor was the victim of a violent racial profiling.

How to end Stop and Frisk in New York


If you want to end the controversial Stop and Frisk policy in New York City, you have six weeks to do it.