Still A Crime To Be Black In New York City [VIDEO]


Poet Michael Amity ran across this video online, and he doesn’t like what he sees.

New York Teen Jailed at Rikers for 3 Years Without Conviction or Trial

2-rikers island-ap-seth wenig

At age 16, Kalief Browder was arrested and imprisoned at the infamous Rikers Island. After 33 months without trial or conviction, Browder was released and is now speaking out.

Federal Appeals Court Rejects Last-Ditch Effort to Preserve Stop-And-Frisk in New York City


If Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio follows through on his commitment to drop the appeal to the case, Friday’s ruling will likely be the end to litigation over the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk program.

White Men Appear Immune to Stop and Frisk, Not Mass Murders


Despite mass murders committed by suburban white men, it seems to be only inner-city black and brown youth that are the victims of Stop and Frisk.

What Thursday’s Surprising Ruling Means For New York’s Stop-And-Frisk Laws


A federal appeals court panel not only put the landmark New York Police Department stop-and-frisk ruling on hold; it also removed the trial judge from the case, finding that she had violated ethics rules.

Shopping While Black: Man Arrested for Purchasing Belt


A man is arrested for buying a belt with his own money. The stated reason? “Because he could not afford to make such an expensive purchase.” The real reason? Let’s discuss.

Five Sobering Findings From the Federal Ruling that Held NYPD Does Use Racial Profiling


On Monday, the New York Police Department’s aggressive approach to stop-and-frisks took a major blow, with federal judge Shira Scheindlin ruling the policy was unconstitutional.

Federal Judge Rules Stop-and-Frisk Unconstitutional


In the broadest legal decision on the New York Police Department’s stop and frisk program yet, a federal judge ruled on Monday that the program is unconstitutional and violates the Fourth Amendment and 14th Amendment.

NYPD Will Purge Names Of Those Stopped And Frisked


A legislative change in 2010 required the NYPD to purge its database of those who were stopped and never arrested or issued a summons. The city will now purge names and addresses from the database, resolving a 2010 class action lawsuit.

Gay Couple Boston Strong Even During 9/11

boston strong, boston marathon, 9/11, terrorism, gay marriage

During two separate terrorist attacks over a decade apart, this gay couple was photographed in the midst of it all, serving their country and saving lives.

NEWSER: Queens Drug Bust Sparks Protest of ‘Police Brutality’

police riot gear

Approximately 50 residents of Jamaica, Queens, “engaged in a three-hour standoff with police in riot gear last night after a violent drug bust outside a local housing project.”

NY State Senator Eric Adams Testifies Comissioner Kelly Wants to ‘Instill Fear’ in Young Men of Color

Sen. Eric Adams

Adams’ testimony marked the latest in a series of explosive allegations leveled against the NYPD in an ongoing trial targeting the department’s “stop-and-frisk” policy.

Tough Guy

New York's finest, NYPD, New York Police Department, LAPD, police, heroes, heroic men, strong men, tough men, male toughness, The Good Life

Mike O’Shea was a physically powerful and courageous man, but what made him a hero to his lifelong friend, Andrew Cotto, was his capacity for love.

RAW STORY: Plaintiff in NYPD Lawsuit Condemns ‘Humiliating’ Stop-and-Frisks

David-Floyd-screenshot (250x176)

In video published Monday, the lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit against the New York Police Department explained the horrors of stop-and-frisk searches.

Raw Story: Second New York Cop Confirms Illegal “Quota” System

copstockmarket-shutterstock (350x196)

A second New York Police Department officer confirmed Wednesday that the department’s management continued using a system of quotas for arrests and citations even after the legislature explicitly banned the practice.

Protest of Questionable Police Shooting Turns Violent in Brooklyn


Another black teenage boy shot dead, but this time, the vigil gives way to violence.