President Obama Errs by Refusing to Utter the Phrase ‘Radical Islam’

Radical Islamic ideology provides a central motive in acts of terror committed by the likes of Omar Mateen.

Why I Never Want to Be Called a Patriot Again

Too many have replaced Patriotism with Nationalism. America is far worse because of it.

Why We Still Need to Talk About Race and Privilege

Why I gotta bring up old sh*t like race?

Sit Your Parents Down And Read Them The Riot Act!

Hey Mom and Dad I’m having this talk with you for your own good. Please really listen to me! I’m voting for Bernie Sanders!

‘Colorblindness’ is Denial

Having a black president does not mean our nation has overcome it’s issues with race.

What Will the Historians Say About Obama’s Legacy?

President Obama will clearly hold a place in the history books. But what will be the verdict on his legacy?

The Renewable Energy Revolution Powers on in the United States

There are clear differences of opinion on emissions reduction and climate change in the US and worldwide, but will the renewable energy revolution will continue to power on?

Divide and Conquer Politics made Easy in America

Is the two party system in America doing anyone any good?

Islam and the Vision of America’s Founding Fathers

What would the founding fathers think of Donald Trump?

In the Spirit of National Make a Friend Day, a Little Girl Invites President Obama to Dinner

As National Make-a-Friend Day winds to a close, here is one of the most forth-right attempts. A little girl invites Barak Obama to dinner, for a very good reason. She never expected this to happen.

What Happened When a Young Girl Invited President Obama to Dine With Her LGBT Family

A little girl writes to President Obama and invites him to dinner. She never expected this to happen.

‘It’s Obama’s Fault,’ in Rhyme

It’s Obama’s fault for increasing interest rates,
And for shifting economic tectonic plates.

Big Boys do Cry: Why Obama Was Right to Shed Tears Over Dead Children

Bernard Capp on the importance of sentimentality in the political sphere.

Guns, Biden, and the New BFD Moment in America

President Obama and Vice President Biden spoke directly to the American people this week about the realities and rhetoric surrounding the conversation about guns and the Second Amendment.

Obama Doing What he can, Congress Must Run with Baton

“Maybe we could try to stop one act of evil, one act of violence.”

Obama’s Speech on Gun Background Checks Divides but Fails to Conquer

Matt Sweetwood agrees on the middle ground approach the President took on gun control. He wishes it had been more alliance building than partisan, however.