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Movie Review & Call to Action: Fed Up

The problem lies in when this need for speed comes in the form of food or more specifically, sugar. As the movie reveals, sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine and the obesity epidemic is causing a “tsunami” of financial and health problems just waiting in the wings.

The Fattest Versus the Thinnest

Does fitness depend on your state? Josh Magill discusses.

Lifestyle Diseases Make Global Health Promotion More Difficult Than Ever

Top health risks include cigarettes, booze and being overweight. But who has the power to deal with this very 21st-century problem?

Comparison Fail: Enslaved American Child vs. Enslaved Thai Child

A recent photo-gone-viral (and the comments it generated) shows we’ve got a long way to go when it comes to understanding slavery and the needs of children.

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Learn 14 things about men that you might not already know (or want to know)

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Scott Posey counters a recent argument made for not letting children use handheld devices, arguing that the problem lies with permissive parenting, not with technology

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James Fell takes to task authors and trainers who fat-shame and refuse to see the science behind fitness and health.

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Could someone have told me I’d gained weight? Should they have?

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