How Well Does Protesting Work?

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Lots of liberals are looking back on the lessons on Ferguson this week, but they seem to be ignoring one of the most important questions.

Why Do Protesters Occupy the Streets?

Why Do Protesters by The All-Nite Images

Patrick DeCarlo examines the rationale behind stopping traffic, blocking bridges, and ruining your commute.

Tom Perkins Cries “Nazi!” to Defend the 1%. And Guess What? It’s Working.

Tom Perkins Cries Nazi Photo by Unknown

What Was VC Tom Perkins Thinking When He Compared “Persecution” of the 1% to Nazi Anti-Semitism? Here’s What.

Empty Chairs Video a Backward Vision of the American Dream


Indie band’s “GTMO” single tells tale from Guantamo inmate’s point of view.

NYPD and Occupy Wall Street Work Together To Keep the Peace

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Hurricane Sandy has united activists and authorities.

From Master Plan to No Plan: The Slow Death of Public Higher Education


Aaron Bady and Mike Konczal on how Ronald Reagan’s decisions continue to strangle the ideals of public university

Is a College Education Overrated?


Is Generation Y wasting their time, going to college and occupying Wall Street?

Should Twitter Have Handed Occupy Protestor’s Data to the Courts?

Occupy Protestors in New York City - AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

Twitter finally handed over the data of OWS protestor Malcom Harris, who is being charged with disorderly conduct. Should they have backed down so easily?

Suggestions For the GOP Playlist


Elissa Schappell wants to help the GOP select a great convention playlist, since all their favorite musicians won’t have anything to do with them.

“Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is an anarchist taking advantage of the popular rage.”


These are comments by Nas Who and Mike L on the post “The Dark Knight Rises Is a Pro-Fascist Movie”.

Mike Huckabee’s ‘Chick-fil-A For a Day’ – Both the Most Appalling and Best Thing About America

Forget protest signs, just hold up your paycheck.

Joanna Schroeder admires the fact that Americans are starting to realize the power of our votes, not just the one in the ballot box, but also the ones we cast every time we spend money supporting or boycotting a company.

Coming Out as Genderqueer at the Age of 50

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If terms like “genderqueer” and “pansexual” had been a part of the cultural dialogue years ago, Lyla Cicero wonders if more people today would be living more authentically.

Why We’re Done Occupying and We’ve Moved On

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It has been almost a year since Occupy Wall Street. The world and our mood have both changed quite a bit since then.

A Guy Named Ray: When Does Income Become Obscene?


Tom Matlack makes the case for an upper limit on income.

Occupy 2.0: What Next?

Occupy Philly

“No government can exist for a single moment without the cooperation of the people, willing or forced, and if people withdraw their cooperation in every detail, the government will come to a standstill.” —Gandhi

Should Pepper Spray Be ‘Time’s’ Person of the Year?

Occupy Pepper Spray

It’s defining our moral outrage, Slade Sohmer writes, so why not?