Is the Scandinavian Economic Model Better?

A 21 year-old from Finland becomes an internet sensation by pointing out the obvious.

Pepper Spray and Police Violence: How Do We Explain Freedom To Our Children?

Matt Salesses doesn’t know how to tell his daughter that she is not being lied to when she learns about freedom.

Dear Santa: My Son Won’t Leave Occupy Boston

An Occupier and his mother write letters to Santa Claus.

Parents for Occupy Wall Street

Parents are protesting, Lisa Duggan writes, because they want a better future for their children.

Occupying the East Coast: Lose the Fear

At their roots, the Occupy movements are expressions of the rights of the 1st Amendment. The only thing that can stop them? Fear.

Occupy Toronto: A Spiritual Renaissance

Through emphases on dialogue and community, the Occupy movement has displayed a new brand of political and spiritual expression, writes Avi Zer-Aviv.

Is #OccupyWallStreet the First Online Riot?

Megan Rosker visited Liberty Plaza and found the protests surprisingly subdued.

This Is not My Story

Andrew Cotto has his story about middle-class debt, but that’s not what this is about.

Black on Black Tax Math

Seems to me we need a Presidential candidate who is actually black, no matter what the color of his skin.

#OccupyWallStreet Needs More Cojones

Tom Matlack calls for a 100% solution, not a 1% one.

Occupy Versus the Tea Party: Reconsidered

Sure, they’re both movements for change, Matthew Salesses writes, but the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street are fundamental opposites.

5 Ways #Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party Can Save America

The two movements have a lot more in common than they’d want to believe, and Tom Matlack thinks they can come together to fix our country.

A Day of #Occupy WallStreet and SlutWalk

Rachel Rabbit White believes that both protests are fighting a similar evil; of the same generation. “A generation who want better. And who are out doing something to get it.”

The Tea Party and #Occupy WallStreet Have Something in Common

Can’t a Marxist. socialist, liberal, progressive, and Democrat also be an American ?

How Bankers Can #Reoccupy WallStreet

“I am a banker. Why are the people on the street below me creating a ‘perp. walk’ of shame from the subway to my office?” Victoria Robinson has been there.

Who Is #OccupyBoston?

Kristin Caffray brought her camera to #OccupyBoston. Here’s who she found.

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