New Anti-Trump Ad Speaks to Dads

A new ad tells Trump’s view of women in his own words. Dads, take note.

What If The GOP Wins In November?

If the Republicans take the White House in November we’ll see big tax cuts and big deficits.

Lewis Black on Voter Suppression: “Not on my Watch Baby”

Current voter ID laws are voter suppression laws. They perverse our democracy and perpetuate failures of the existing version of our marketplace of ideas

NFL Educates Teams on Small Ebola Risk–Forgets to Mention Large Concussion Risk

Tor Constantino looks at the NFL’s attempt to demonstrate concern for player safety regarding Ebola but not the concussions suffered by up to 30% of players on average.

They want Everyone to Vote, Except You, You and You!

Democracy only works when most people vote and participate. Voting should be encouraged, facilitated, easy, and free from coercion and fraud.

Everything I Never Told You

“Lydia is dead. But they don’t know this yet.” By Celeste Ng

Ohio Teen Models Empathy and Unconditional Love on Prom Night

Austin Dennison learned his 89 year-old great-grandmother had never been to prom, so he remedied that.

This Private Christian College Confiscated Every Copy of Their Newspaper for Being Pro-Gay

Some leaders of Ohio’s private and Baptist-based Cedarville University were so upset that the student newspaper The Ventriloquist was developing a reputation for pro-gay content, they decided to just go ahead and confiscate every copy of it.

Four Ways to Support and Appreciate Military Children

GMP joins the nation in celebrating April as The Month of the Military Child

Marriage Equality Just Got a Little More Complicated

In just a few days, six new lawsuits regarding marriage equality have popped up around the country.  — Six new lawsuits, really? Really, gay and lesbian couples? Is this really the way you want to be doing things? In the span of just a few days, six new lawsuits have popped up around the country. […]

Why Racial Blowback is The New Racism

The author shares his disturbing observations on race relations in 2014.

Ohio Supreme Court Tells Judges to Stop Reviving Debtors’ Prisons

After findings that Ohio judges were illegally jailing the poor, the state’s high court is sending its judges a message.

The Last Black President

Why would a high school teacher try to crush the dreams of a child? He doesn’t like Barack Obama.

Returning an Adopted Child: A True Story

An Ohio family “returned” their adopted son after nine years. Brent Almond takes issue with that.