These Graduation Mugshots Look to Change the Stereotypes of Black Men (Photos)


A powerful new photo series is challenging stereotypes and assumptions about what it means to be Black in America.

Some Preliminary Thoughts on My Daughters and Race: You Are Not “Other”

Some Preliminary Thoughts on My Daughters and Race: You Are Not “Other”

Mike Heenan reflects on his mixed-race heritage and wonders how his daughters’ ethnicity will affect their futures.

The Trials and Triumphs of a Joyful Black Man in America

Photo by Viajar24h

The media-generated perception: being black is synonymous with being poor, uneducated, unmotivated and a burden on society. Michael Taylor is having none of that.

If You Don’t See Race, You’re Not Paying Attention

slave memorial martinique

Jarune Uwujaren explains that by claiming to not see race, you’re actually dismissing the experiences of people who face racism every day.

Poetry in Motion: A Story of Hardship and Hope in Crow Country, Montana

TeePees Crow Reservation

David Dean tells the tale of an immense struggle hidden and neglected throughout time and of a game that turned out to be so much more.

The Most Racist Thing That Ever Happened


Jackie Summers has identified the most troubling thing about racism these days: no one ever admits to being racist.

Former Skinhead From ‘Life After Hate’ Offers Insight Into Sikh Temple Shooting

Life After Hate Response to Sikh Temple Shooting in Oak Creek  WI   YouTube

A stunning video from ormer Skinhead Arno Michaelis speaks about the Sikh Temple shooting, the origins of hate, and how we all can look inside ourselves to learn how to break free from hate.

Allen Iverson: Not in Memoriam, but in Defense


Allen Iverson wasn’t exactly a “good man.” But what was he, and why should we care about him?

My Multicultural Family

Photo Cebelia's

When it comes to mixed-race parenting, the differences are only skin deep.

“All I See Are White Men”: Confronting Racism in Silicon Valley

Silicon valley photo by nagobe

Eric Ries wants to talk about racism in the start-up world—without hand-wringing and with an eye towards achievable solutions.

I Talk About Race Because I Don’t Know How Not To

Photo by woodleywonderworks

If we don’t talk about race, Sarah Jackson argues, we can’t get to anyplace progressive.

Obama’s Speech Won’t Matter Because He’s ‘Black’


Andrew Cotto argues that there are some people for whom it does not matter what the president does or does not say; they only care about the color of his skin.

When Do I Get To Stop Apologizing for Being White?

photo by dollen and bailey

“It would be naïve of me to dismiss the claim that my whiteness affords me certain rights and privileges in American society. However, I do not feel the need to apologize for being white or feel the need to ‘address the privilege of being white in a meaningful way.'”

The Race Walk

Photo by vagawi

Ken Solin remembers his encounters with racism as he moved to various cities.

Race Is Always a Parenting Issue

Photo by OliBac

As a multiracial Asian American, Jason Sperber writes, navigating race is always a parenting matter.