Why Do I Write? Because it Changes Me

I fell in love in Junior High, but not with a girl. I fell in love with my imagination. That was the year I began my infatuation with writing.

Why I Write – We Want to Publish Your Story

Do you write for yourself, or for an audience? Do you write to tell a story, or to change the hearts and minds of men? This is a call for submissions — your chance to tell the world why you write.

Soul Stuff and Substance – 3 Rules for Writing Your Truth

A successful author shares her reasons for writing and her three rules for making it good and keeping it real.

Story Takes Courage – Especially When the Story is Your Life

To truly write with conviction, you need to tell the story from your heart. How many of us could do that with our entire lives?

What a Friend We Have in Stephen! A Writing Lesson…From Stephen King

Jesse Kornbluth reviews On Writing by Stephen King.

No, You May Not Write About Me

John Manchester discovers that his novel contains more truth than his memoir did, and vows to continue writing…even if that means turning the truth of his life into fiction.

Schemers and Dreamers: The Popcorn Machines That Never Were

Sam Sattin had always regarded his grandfather as a little bit crazy, but lately he’s come to embrace what connects him to the family patriarch.